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Treetops Diary

I have been a serial dieter since my early 20"s - now in my early 40's & have tried more or less all of the diets! Rosemary Conely , Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Slim fast, cambridge, Lighter Life, celebrity slim, hypnotheraphy blah blah blah!! Most of them have had success and then when I get to where I am happy with - I sabotage it myself by going back to all the naughty foods!! So a definate yoyo dieter.
A few years ago we moved abroad & we've settled in a bit of a "holiday" diet mentality - lots of barbecues, eating out & lots of wine & socialising which has made me put on another stone :( We have regular visits from family & friends from the UK so it has been difficult to get out of the holiday mode - but unless I want to be adding on 2 stone every year - I have to change things NOW!

I have just started a sort of low carb diet combined with a celebrity slim shake for brekkie - at the moment I couldn't face a cooked breakfast! I have cut out all my big carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, rice also caffeine & all alcohol. I started on Monday at 14st 4:cry: I think because I have cut out 3 massive parts of my diet - my body is screaming inside!! As a result I had a horrible migraine yesterday with sickness & hot & cold shivers & had to take to my bed - luckily DH was on hand to take over with the children:family2:
So, still feeling a bit shaky this morning, but also feel dehydrated so have had a few pints of water already & also a celebrity slim & hoping that my body is now used to its new regime & will carry on with all its abstinences! Naughty, I know but i weighed myself this morning at was at 13st 12 so something is working; in addition it is totm, but I am dertimined not to do a WI now till at least next monday.
I am spending hours on here finding lots of tips & inspiration & will use my diary as tool to help me stay on track during my weight loss journey. First goal will be to get to 13st by Christmas - so around 2lb a week.

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Awww Treetop, you and me too. I am an expert dieter, especially the so called fad ones. I lose the weight no trouble then put it all back on and more some when I start eating properly again.

Hubby and I are going kind of Rosemary Conley ie low fat and exercise and we feel so full of energy that we don't feel we are on a diet.

Good luck, I 'm sure you will do it with all the support on here
Thanks for your support & encouragement both!
Been very good food wise today - but think that's down to not feeling 100% after yesterdays migraine.
Drank plenty of water & had 2 CS shakes & some cauliflower with soft cheese - sort of like a cauliflower cheese for dinner.
Feeling much better now though, so will do some meal planning now the littlies have gone to bed :)
Food today - choc CS shake for brekkie; chicken ceaser salad for lunch & homemade cauliflower & broccoli soup for dinner plus been snacking on almonds. Drank loads of water plus a couple of herbals teas.

My Neris & India IPD book arrived today - thankyou Amazon! So been very anti-social this afternoon reading upto week1. Hopefully the recipe book will arrive soon too so that I can try some new recipes. Went to the supermarket today & stocked up on meat, eggs, cheese and veg for the weekend.

Feeling a bit tired this week - hopeing for the energy surge sometime soon :)

Catch up over the weekend - bonfire night tomorrow - dinner may be a challenge as supposed to be eating there - might have to have a hot dog with no bread or maybe just the filling of a jacket spud. I will not cheat though!
Have a great weekend everyone

Good day on the diet
brekkie - mushrooms,smoked salmon scrambled eggs
lunch: Tuna salad
Tea - pork chop with cheesie spinach
Drank gallons of water & read another chunk of the Neris & India book.
Made a biiiiiig mistake & weighed myself this morning - I was feeling really pleased with myself & feeling "thinner" so jumped on & I'd put on 2lbs since I weighed myself 3 days earlier:cry:
I Will try & stay away from the scales - I'm my own worst enemy sometimes with the darn things!
Still, looking at the positive - I am on day 6 of no carbs, no caffeine & no alcohol :cool: The only way has to be a loss:D
Okay - the end of the first week - really pleased with myself that I have ditched the alcohol, carbs & caffeine & I feel really good. Stomach has gone a little flatter & less bloated & I am enjoying the diet so much! Yetserdays meals were:
Brekkie: mushrooms fried in buter & scrambled eggs with cheese
lunch: tuna salad with avocado, rocket & baby tomatoes & mayo
dinner: roast lemon chicken, cauliflower, cabbage & celeriac dauphnoise which was from the pig2twig web site & so yummy!
Snack - a handful of almonds
Drank loads of water & herbal tea

The outcome - I weighed myself this morning - & I have dropped 7lbs since I started a week ago today! This is a bloody miracle - I haven't stopped eating :) I haven't enjoyed this level of weight loss in a first week since I did Cambridge or Lighter Life!

Roll on the next week!
Thanks WilliamsMummy & Kater :D

At the risk of sounding smug ;-) I had another great day yesterday!
Took the 2 dogs for a 30 min walk - up & down Hills
Brekkie - egg mayonnaise
lunch: roast butternut squash soup
Dinner - salmon, celeriac dauphinoise; cabbage & broccolli
Snack - handful of almonds
Gallons of water & herbal tea & couple of decaf coffees

What a fab diet :)

My goal this week is to resist the scales until next Monday & aim for a 2lb loss - be v happy with that!

Thanks ladies for your kind words & support!
I am on day 10 now & am starting to get some renewed energy - the weight loss feeling is sooooo goooood!

I have family visiting us at the moment, which is always a more relaxed way of eating & drinking for us (however, we do tend to get a lot of visitors for a couple of weeks at a time - so not very conducive to losing weight!) But this time, I was determined not to add another few pounds to the load & will be delighted to say when they fly home on Sunday that I will (hopefully) be 10lbs lighter than when they arrived! Our evenings our normally spent around several bottles of wine & lots of food - they have still had the booze & lots of food - I've had the water & still lots of food & I haven't had any a less good time without a drink, it has just been great to spend time with family :)

Yesterdays meals were,
brekkie - leftover celeriac dauphinoise & handful of almonds - couldn't face an egg yesterday!!!
Lunch: Sausages & egg ( my dh had bought these from the butchers - but then I found the wrapper & discovered they weren't cumberland or olde english - but honey roast flavour - our butcher makes his own sausages with lots of different flavours - but honey - carb city!! - although they were delish!):booboo:

Dinner: Grilled pork souvlaki & rocket & lettuce & tomato & caesar dressing

Lots of water, decaf coffee & herbal tea & a snack of nuts

30 min walk with doggies

Another day dawns & already been for my 30 min walk - dogs are pooped - I've got some jobs to do around the house!;):superwoman::superwoman:

Another good diet day yesterday - I had a few nice comments that I looked nice from some friends - always boosts the morale!

Breakfast yesterday was egg mayonnaise
lunch - homemade cauliflower & broccoli soup with cheese
dinner: roast chicken & celeriac dauphinoise & rocket
Snack - handful of pistachio nuts

Today - I had a whoopsie roll toasted with cheese on the top
Lunch: whoopsie roll with an egg & sausages - bit life a breakfast burger from Macs!
Dinner - roast chicken, green beans & cabbage

My legs are aching a bit as took the dogs for a really long walk today :)
All good!

Another good diet day yesterday - I had a few nice comments that I looked nice from some friends - always boosts the morale!
It's always lovely when someone notices and gives you a compliment! Let's not mention the 9 year old girl at work today who asked me why I had a spot on my face :rolleyes:

I'm glad you're having a good time with you visitors and are still managing to stick with your eating plan! Well done :D

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