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Triage is at GOAAALLLLL!!!!

So here I am, day one over and done with! and I am full...

Switched from Exante which I have done for a month and lost a stone on, however couldn't stop craving food!

And I love cooking.....

So here is my menu for day one if someone could take a look and guide me with what I am doing right or wrong, as I do feel too full......

Breakfast - Coffee x 2 with Tablespoon of cream between two.
2 Eggs Scrambled with 1 tbsp Cream and 60 g smoked salmon and 1 tbsp butter.

Lunch - Pork with crackling (left from Sunday) 6 oz.
2 Tbsp Mayonnaise
30g Stilton
1 cup of celery, cucumber and Iceburg Lettuce mixed.

Dinner - 2 x Black farmer sausages
Cauli and Spring Greens 1 cup full.
1 oz Mature Cheddar grated over veg.
Olive oil 1/2 tbl spoon

Total Cals - 1918 :eek:
Total Carbs - 15

My fitness pal said I'd actually gain weight eating like this if I continued!!! :cry:

Where am I going wrong?


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Right, had a good look at calories too, I know I shouldn't have to but Fitness Pal say's I'm going to gain if I eat like above....

So tomorrows menu is as follows...

Breakfast - 1 x Coffee + 5ml Cream
6 Asparagus spears wrapped in 3 rashers of streaky bacon
1 Boiled Egg

Lunch - Iceburg Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery (I cups worth)
3 Oz Pork Loin no crackling!
1 tbsp Mayo

Dinner - Cheeseburger Pie
Spring greens in butter

Total Cals 1351
Total Carbs 13

I have also put in 20 mins reg aerobic (30 day shred)

It's now telling me I'll lose around a pound a week and that's with excercise!!!

How much more do I need to cut it for a decent loss each week?


Hello triage

MFP doesn't understand Atkins so best you don't pay any attention to the predictions of weight loss...

Your menus look good ... Have you read up on the principle and science behind this way of eating? It will help you understand why you don't really need to focus on calorie counting ...

Good luck with it :)
Thanks Di, I have read every inch of Orange Atkins book, and all the stickies and threads here too...

Was just really worried about MFP predictions, I really don't want to be piling on the pounds that I lost last month :eek:(

Does day 2 menu look a little less horrific than todays?

Thanks again....



This is for life
Hi Jo and good to see your diary:)

If you are swapping from vlcd then some people see small gains initially while your body gets used to the change. Altho atkins says dont count calories that doesnt mean that calories dont count. It's important to eat when you are hungry, eat until satisfied but not eat to stuffed. Suggest you focus on trying to eat little and often and see how it goes.

Agree with Di- if you stick with low carb then the mfp predictions of weight dont work! Good luck
Thanks Katie.....

Well day 2 of Atkins and I'm going to curb my calories today as per menu above.

I really want this to work as Exante was torture for 4 weeks and I really don't want to have to go back and revisit it!!! Nor do I want to gain!

I'll look at planning ahead for the rest of the week today to keep me on the straight and narrow!

This morning however I'm not in the slightest bit hungry yet, just having my coffee with 5ml of cream and it still taste much better than black coffee on Exante!

Bacon wrapped asparagus and a boiled egg for brekkie in a bit :0) god I hope it works because I love this WOE :0)

Hope you all have a good day!

Jo x

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all sounds good, Jo. Quite jealous.

My fear of a virtually carb free diet is breakfast. I leave too early in the morning to eat at home, so when I finish Exante I need to have atkins friendly breakfasts that can be easily prepped at work...
Hello Big D :0) thanks for popping in!!!!

I've already conquered that, pre boiled eggs n cold sausages to take to work with cheese :0) think carbless continental!!!

It's great not having mass cravings though!!!


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Hi Jo and welcome love.


1. Yes MFP does not understand Atkins, it's all about carbs hwere not Cals.
2. Whilst Atkins doesn't ask you to starve yourself, you don't need to stuff yourself either. He said "eat until you are satisfied"
3. Some odd things stall people, in my case it's cheese, I can't eat cheese on a daily basis. Some other things are citrix and a lot of people have a problem losing if they have the S/F & L/C preppared foods.

Hope that helps. :)
Hi Jim, and thank you for that, I have cut my food today and I'm only just eating my brekkie as wasn't hungry after yesterday's amount lol!!!

Cheeseburger pie has just finished cooking for tonight and it looks fab and smells even better :0)

I'm really hoping this works!!!

J x

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Looks yummy :) I just did myself a pared down version of cheeseburger pie for the weekend, minced lamb fried with half a red onion, cumin, nutmeg and cinnamon, a few baby plum tomatoes and a squeeze of tom puree, black pepper and a bit of worcestershire sauce, then layered with sliced courgettes and mozarella cheese. Did me 3 decent sized meals and was very yummy.
Those pics look great Jo!

And Jim ... How do you learn that part in the book that says "eat until satisfied" lol?? There's a signal failure between my head and my stomach! Lol
Hey Jo I found you. Good luck with your new journey, I'll be watching how you get on :) xx
Awww thanks everyone, and hi NT!!!! Yep, not on nights tonight but ended up finishing 4 hours late!!!

I only managed two meals today so had egg with bacon wrapped asparagus for brekkie/lunch then had cheeseburger pie with spring greens n courgettes for tea!!! And lots of water :0) and haven't been at all hungry!!

Night all xx

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Morning Jo... :)
Morning Jo.

Di, looking at some of the food photo's I've posted on here some would say i haven't. LOL
Ha ha... Jim I think it's one of the benefits of being male ... You guys can get away with having a hearty appetite lol
Morning Jim, morning Di!!

And so day 3 begins.......how much easier is this :0)

Not too sure what to have today! May have to venture to Boots later as could do with just having an Atkins shake for brekkie as again I'm just not hungry!

Felt a bit of a head cold starting yesterday but touch wood doesn't appear to have amounted to anything thank god!! Feel a bit headachy this morning but that's about it!

Work at 2pm, then two days off from tomorrow which I'm looking forward to!

I can't get over this non weighing myself malarkey either! It's great not knowing and not jumping on and off the scales obsessively 3/4 times a day! Roll on the 29th when I can weigh :0)

Hope everyone has a fab day!

J x

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