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Tried and failed

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if any body has had a similar experience to me?

I started Exante Total 11 days ago and stuck to it for 9 days 100% but on the 10th day I couldn't cope with the hunger anymore and decided to eat. :mad:I bought the ketosticks and was in ketosis from the 4th day onwards but in the evening the hunger was unbearable? Am I doing something wrong?
I'm hoping to start again on Sunday any advice from you pros would be welcome.
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Were you drinking plenty of water? Ive found if I drink a pint of water if I feel really hungry I can get it to pass.
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Hello there,

Sorry to hear your struggling. I'm not sure everyone will agree with my advice but it helps keep me on track so maybe it will work for you too.

I try my hardest to stay 100% but occasionally I feel hungry or I have an occasion (meal usually) to deal with. Previously when I was on LL i stayed very strict and it would result in me coming off plan spectacularly ie eating a big pizza!!

This time around I have come from it with a different angle, if I feel the need to eat then I am not going to stop myself,, BUT I already have it planned in my mind what is acceptable so I don't make bad decisions or come out of Ketosis. Examples of what I may choose are an omelette with some salad leaves or skinless fish with vegetables.

Now this won't work for everyone, but I have found doing this helps me stay on track. I usually have a weightwatchers Yoghurt every day with a sachet of benefibre in too and this doesn't seem to have an impact on my losses or ketosis.

Only you will know if this will help,, for me it usually happens every 10 days or so, and so far I haven't made any bad choices when it's come to choosing food.

don't beat yourself up if you lapse, pick yourself up the next day and carry on!

Hope this makes some sense?!
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S: 15st13lb C: 15st1lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(5.38%)
How about try working solutions where you get to eat a low carb, low cal meal once a day? It might help make the transition a bit easier for you, then once you stop feeling so hungry, then try total solution again?

I did tony ferguson, (which is shake for breakfast, soup of lunch then a very healthy low carb dinner) for 22 weeks before coming over to Exante and because I was already used to not eating very much, I havent found the change over too hard so far.
Thanks for your advice guys. It is so nice to be able to talk to people in the same boat.
I guess I don't understand why I'm so hungry when I'm in ketosis? I'm probably drinking about 2 liters of water a day so I could up that a little.
Veuvegirl- I think your idea of eating a small protein meal when required is genius. At least then if it happens again it will stop me coming of the diet and having a pizza (which ironically is what I did!)
I'm going to try stick to the total plan at the moment because I'd really like a quicker weight loss. I am just in owe of any one who has stuck to the diet for months. At the moment I can't imagine this. Are you really not hungry?


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st1lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(5.38%)
I dont feel actually hungry, apart from when Im craving something, then I think Im hungry but I drink water and it goes away so I cant be hungry, so I think its just a craving. Im currently drinking around 3 to 3 and a half liters a day.

Give it another go with drinking more water and adding protein if you really need it... you might not even need an actual meal, nibbling on a few bits of chicken might be enough, if you do eat, make sure you put your knife and fork down between bites and take a big mouthful of water and stop as soon as you dont feel hungry anymore, eating it slowly will give your body time to realize its full before you eat too much. I drink half a liter with every soup, shake and bar I eat, makes me feel fuller, Ive just had my soup for the night and I actually feel stuffed!

If the next attempt doesnt work, then try working solutions, I know the weight loss will be slower, but its better to lose less each week, then have a huge loss, then lose nothing or gain because you havent been able to stick to it, working solutions will also put you into ketosis so it should make going to total solution easier as your already be in ketosis and your used to not eating much.

Its just about finding a way which works for you, good luck, Im sure your find a way to make it work :)


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st1lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(5.38%)
Aw thats ok

Your be fine :) Just stay positive!


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Chances are its not actually real hunger. I quite often think Im hungry but half an hour later its gone. For me its just a case of distracting myself whenever I feel like eating - coming on here usually does a good job with that.
If you can get your water intake up to 3 or 4 litres that should help, plus try splitting your packs. Right through my main time on Exante I had half a shake for breakfast (usually around 9:30 or 10am) with double the amount of water stated, so for half a shake I would use 250mls water, then have the other half at lunchtime. Half a bar around 3pm, kept my soup as a full pack with the right amount of water as I liked the texture better that way (usually about 7pm), then the other half of my bar at 9pm so I was not going to bed hungry. Good luck getting back into it!
I think I will start splitting the bar as it is huge and you could have it as 2 meals no problem. Keeping busy which helps you forget about hunger. Day 3 tomorrow which if I remember is the worst, but I'm gonna do it this time!
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keep strong hun! Water is def the key and keeping busy, I often let my mind wonder eevn though I know I am not hungry
excellent advice from everyone (pizza is my demon too)
hope they work for you...I'm a bit worried as Im a vegetarian (which includes not eating fish) so am wondering what the hell i will eat when i have to add a meal!!!! xx
I have been preoccupied with food the whole of the past week (half way through week 3 now) & discovered today i'm not in ketosis anymore. Am hoping its a false reading/dodgy stick as i'm only having the packs, water & VLCD water flavouring 1tsp a day, so I can't think why I wouldn't be in ketosis but it's not very motivating, especially when i'm hungry!


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This site might help. Ketones are a guide, weight loss is inevitable but the rate will vary. The advice on this page is 'don't get hung up about ketones'.
It could just be a bad day. Drink water, forget the ketones and carry on.

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