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Trigger foods


Happy in my own skin
I know that food talk is not encouraged, but I hope it's ok to post this.

I've read a lot about other people's trigger foods but I've no idea what mine are. As it's getting close to me starting RTM (This Thursday) I've been thinking about it a lot more but still none the wiser. It might be sugar, and it might be carbs....will have to wait and see. I think I just never listened to my body before and ignored any signs that some foods caused trouble.

Do others know what food groups are their trigger? or don't you have any trigger food?
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I know my triggers are fizzy drinks, it only takes a half-can and I get to craving sugary food something awful. Won't ever be having it again, I plan to just drink water and sugar-free dilute squash for the rest of my life.
My trigger is alcohol - a glass or 2 of wine (empty calories to start) gives me the munchies for anything going!

Having said that, who knows what I'll discover when I start hitting the trigger weeks in RTM :)

sukie sue

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mines the dreaded brown stuff ,all us ladies are demented by the evil that it is :0)!!!
Im the same as SS x


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Bread for me! I had to stop using my breadmaker as I would scoff the whole loaf - especially if butter and cheese were available too.


Enjoying life!
hmmm I have thought about this and I don't have a particular trigger food or drink.

Kat xx
For me it's crips ,bread,& cheese i love cheese and jacket potatoes with lots of butter all the same colour food not good.And it would always be washed down with full fat coke never again.

x x x sam x x x

it might be strange to some but i like to talking about food while on this plan it makes me realise what a pig i was and how i never thought about what went in my mouth it just went in.


Enjoying life!
I have no problem talking about food either. I regularly cook for people and have people round for dinner. I make cakes for birthdays and occasions. I cook for my partner every night and I make his lunch. It doesn't bother me in the slightest!

I understand it may be hard for some.

Kat xx


...we're sinking deeper.
For me it's sugar. It alters my body chemistry after a few days of having it and I am very much succeptable to blood-sugar highs and lows. All of a sudden I just get hungry for more, and much more likely to binge. Same with refined-white carbs such as white bread and pasta. I know I can't handle them, so sticking to wholegrain if I'm gonna have bread/rice. And I've actually made myself not like pasta anymore!
As for sugar, well, I stay away. Or enjoy sugar-free sweets/drinks, or in moderation. I make sure I don't have sugar on two consecutive days.

I suppose it's just knowing the limit. I don't want to cut anything out of my life, but learn to enjoy these things responsibly... Hmm.. we'll see how I go, eh. ...
Definitely carbs - bread, white rice - and even worse carbs mixed with fat - cake, pastry, roast potatoes, even sausages. Not that keen on pasta so probably will be able to cope with that . I'm on RTM at the moment eat mostly protein, salad, veg, fruit & low fat dairy and not missing the carbs at all! Do I even need to start eating them again?
Mine has to be bread. Absolutely love it, but since I have been watching what I eat, realise that I can have wholemeal without the munchies. Also white bread makes me feel really ill and bloated, therefore do try and avoid it now - though do love it

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
totally get what you mean sam , i talk about the 'old' me with hubbie allot as my eating influenced his intake aswell and he , like me is a bit of a health freak now:D but talking about what we used to do /eat is frightning , we must have been on a self distructive road to our graves.

min i think you are so right about sugar, i feel totally in control of my food intake ect all the time and maintained my weight so well curbing anything to do with sugar whether sweets or white bread / pasta . when i fell apart last year i did start to eat those things in small amounts , dont know why but it spiralled and all control was lost and let to the 2 stone i gained !!
so i know this now and the occasional treat will be fine but it really will have to be occasional !!! roll onn brown rice and pasta ! , tasted better anyway :)
Mines bread...and pasta, i actually have a love affair with italian food not the healthy olives and salads though :rolleyes: just love everything about it, especially the pasta and bruchetta...my two food loves can be enjoyed in my favourite restuarant Prezzos, im lethal in that place! but its only when i eat bread i find i eat alot of sugar...hmm weird..

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