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TrixieB trying again!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by TrixieB, 7 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Started Slimming World this morning! I have followed programme in the past - and it worked - so I am giving it another go! I must find a meeting - closest is 1hr 20 minutes away - but I think going will help me understand the programme better and the support of a group will keep me motivated.

    Here is my menu for today:

    Breakfast -
    1 egg
    3 small grilled lean bacon rashers
    2 satsumas

    Snack -
    Fat free yogurt
    Green Tea powder
    Small banana

    Lunch (main meal) -
    Roasted broccoli, butternut squash, red onion, potatoes, mushrooms (loads) (syns 2 - olive oil rub)
    Baked beans

    Snack -
    leek and potato soup
    ginger nut biscuit (3.5 syns)

    1.5 slices McCambridge stoneground HEB (not thinking!! and ate 2 slices!! not sure what the syns are for the extra half - will give it 3syns as wholemeal bread slice is 3 and this is half slice of stoneground??)
    42g low fat mature cheddar slice HEA
    grilled tomatoes

    Will do a 3km walk this evening, drink lots of water and keep focussed!! Total 8.5 syns and both HEA and HEB today.....

    I had a very positive day - spent some time reading through programme and looking for meeting that isn't too far away!! Heading on holidays 8 weeks from yesterday....want to feel good and be ready to make smart food choices while away!!
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  3. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Ah, one day down - feel happy with myself!!

    Here is today's planned menu

    Breakfast -
    1 egg
    2small grilled lean bacon medallions2
    tomato, beans, mushroom

    Snack -
    Slimming World hommous
    carrot sticks

    Lunch (main meal) -
    Roasted broccoli, butternut squash, red onion, potatoes, mushrooms (loads)p
    homemade pasta sauce (2 syns - olive oil)
    low fat cream cheese (57g) HEA

    Snack -
    ?? something with syns

    1.5 slices McCambridge stoneground HEB
    leek and pototo soup

    Walk 3km

    I looked on Slimming World .ie and I found a newly formed meeting closer (1hr drive!!) from my house - I will be going there on Tuesday - !! So excited as I have been waiting for Slimming World to come to southwest Ireland for a very long time!!! Looking forward to getting the Irish perspective and Irish foods and their syns and HE options!!
  4. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Good luck :)
  5. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Thank you beslim2014!
  6. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Yesterday was a hectic day - no time to update here - but this is what I ate....

    Breakfast - fat free yogurt with berries and green tea powder

    Snack (coffee morning with friend) Brown Bread (HEB) with 1 tsp jam (.5syn) and 1 tsp lowlow spread (.5syn)

    Lunch - Salmon, 1 tbsp mayo (5 syns (SHOCKing!!!)) salad greens with balsamic vinegar, left over jacket potato and beetroot

    Snack - Slimming World Houmous with carrot sticks

    Supper - Slimming World chips, roasted broccoli, beans, one dry fry egg, 42g mature low fat cheddar melted on chips, Satsuma, baby apple and baby pear

    Indulgent evening snack (tempting kids supper) 28gx3 oven chips 2.5x3 syns totalling 7.5 syns plus 1/2 tbsp mayo 2.5 syns

    So yesterdays syns total is 7.5 + 5 + .5 + .5 + 2.5 totalling 16 syns!!

    Super busy day and pouring rain all evening so I didn't go for a walk! Will do 5 km later today.

    I plan to make chili today - not sure if it will be veggie or perhaps I will get extra lean beef......will see!!
  7. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Winning the Saturday morning battle!!! My family - 3 young teens 1 husband and one husky all still sleeping - I love my peaceful tv catchup lone-time but too often I end up drinking too many coffees and eating toast and biscuits in large quantities!!! I woke at 7 and made SW breakfast of egg, beans, bacon medallions, mushrooms and tomato, after 2 1/2 hours I am thinking about my chili - which I haven't yet made!! So I said I would have mostly free snack of apple/banana/orange chopped and topped with ff natural yogurt and crumbled digestive (3.5 syns)! Happy with myself after last nights indulgence in kids oven chips!! Husband working at 2pm today - so there will be a long rainy afternoon ahead......after a bit of housework and cooking I would love to have a few hours to read and I will walk (rain or shine) this evening.

    So far my food today....

    Breakfast - 1 egg, beans, mushrooms, tomato, 2 bacon medallions

    Snack - apple, orange, banana, ff natural yogurt, green tea powder, 1 digestive (3.5 syns)

    Lunch - chili - tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, carrot, mushroom, broccoli, kidney beans, chickpeas and spices with RICE

    Supper - maybe SW chips or brown bread (HEB) with 42g lf mature cheddar cheese (HEA) and beetroot with fruit

    I see on Slimming World facebook page that Women magazine has free membership voucher for new members in Tuesday's issue (May 13) - and it is in sterling and euro!!! Amazing as other diet clubs often offer discounts but they are never valid in Ireland!!!

    Looking forward to my first ever SW meeting Tuesday night!! It is a brand new group so I don't feel too odd going!!!
  8. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Looking out the window at the terrible rainy day - and pushing myself to get out and walk! Made lovely chili for lunch and I just had a small bowl of skinny cut roasted potato and butternut squash sticks with salt and vinegar - my crisp replacement for today!!! Feeling too full after big lunch - out I go to walk to off!!!
  9. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Catch up!! Saturday I had great 5km walk (in the wind and the rain)! Sunday - no walk but food was as follows....

    Breakfast - 1 egg, beans, mushrooms, bacon medallions

    Lunch - roast chicken dinner - roast potatoes parsnips and carrots (all dry roasted) broccoli, boiled carrots, chicken, mash potatoes and brown bread (HEB) ( sounds like a massive meal but just had small portions of everything!!

    Supper - roast potato wedges - beetroot and 57g light cream cheese (HEB)

    Syns - Gravy - 2 syns
    Gingernut biscuit - 2.5
    Yogurt rice cakes 2 x 4syns -- 8 syns ( too tired to look but I read the chocolate ones are 4 syns each - will find out tomorrow if yogurt ones are the same.

    So that was sunday and now for today.....

    Breakfast - 1 egg, beans, mushrooms, bacon medallions

    Lunch - Slimming World chicken tika with rice (my friend made it and she didn't say if it was free of if there were syns...will ask her tomorrow - I was yummy and great to have something handed to me at 8am cooked and ready for reheating at lunch!! I added 1/3 plate of dry stirfry broccoli, mushroom and onions

    Snack - fat free yogurt mixed frozen berries

    Supper - bread (HEB) and filling made with chicken/beetroot/spring onion sweet chili sauce (1tbsp) and 1 tbsp. very light mayo with 2 baby apples one Satsuma and 42g lf mature cheddar.

    Went for 5km walk!! Tired now must find syns..... sweet chilli sauce 1.5 syns and extra light mayo 1 syns tablespoon cream - 1syns

    I thought the sweet chilli sauce and the mayo would be higher in syns - so I am too low in syns today but it is 2306 - a bit late to get up and eat 8syns!!!!

    Good night!!!
  10. TrixieB

    TrixieB Full Member

    Did a home weigh in this morning - 6 days on programme and I lost 5 1/2 pounds - going to slimming world meeting tonight so I will follow the leaders scales after today!!

    2 Weetabix HEB and milk HEA

    Flake 32g bar!! Treat for weigh day - I don't eat late at night so I won't eat after meeting!

    Lunch - leftover roast chicken and stirfry veg

    Supper - egg and bacon medallions and mushrooms and tomato

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