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Trouble getting to sleep?

I'm on day 7 I see my counsellor tonight but just wanted to know if any1 had same problem as me. When I go to bed at night (past 4 nights) my pulse feels really fast, when I start to drop off I keep jumping. This is very annoying and i'm knacked! The only time I do this usually is if i've hard an overdose of sugar/alcohol so am confused as completely absteined and stuck to program 100%. Is it anything to do with ketosis? Getting a bit paranoid :confused:

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Lilly I've found it very hard to sleep ever since I started dieting in this way. I don't have the pulse problem though. I would mention it to your GP just in case. Good luck with the diet!


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Hi Lilly

Just a thought - I had something similar one night, but then I realised I'd had about 8 mugs of coffee on the day in question :(
Hi Lilly, I used to get this on odd occasions, felt like my heart was going to jump in to my mouth!!!

I was going to see my GP but then it stopped, maybe worth a trip to your GP, discuss with your CDC and see if she offers any advice x
Thanks every1! Can't be caffeine i'm on decaf. Maybe its just the stress!!
I've had the same problem! Just try to unwind before bed and not do anything too stressful that gets my heart beating faster than normal! The water helps though...until you're up every couple of hours on the toilet! :)


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S: 11st5lb C: 9st11lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 1st8lb(13.84%)
I realised last night that I'd missed a step or two in my reply to you!

BCD (before CD) when I couldn't sleep I used a visualisation technique and relaxation - imagining a navy velvet tent and clenching then relaxing muscles from the toes up. Now I imagine little Pac-men (remember Pac-man?) inside a video game, running around gobbling fat cells from my toes up. If I'm REALLY bored and sleepless I dress them up as commandos and put movie-star faces on them. I always loved popping bubble-wrap and that's how my sound effects go. rofl... dear god I sound insane.

Corny, but true - and I normally get to sleep purty fast. It beats counting sheep. :eek:
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i dont drink any caffeine at all and i fall to sleep within mins of hitting the pillow!try and calm little on the caffeine and see if tha helps
hi Lilly

I sometimes have this problem and can't sleep even before CD (first week), I also find that the more you worry to worse it can be. So I usually have a hot bath and listen to an hypnotic Cd before going to bed, Paul McKenna, positive thinking and a sleep one he does and that usually works for me..hope you get sorted.

susan :)

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