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Trouble sleeping???

I always at start have insomnia. I put it down to always being so sluggish on food and wine normally when I go to bed that I sleep and when all that crap is out your system I seem wide awake. It normally settles down once my body gets to the post crap eating self!


starting over
Hi Lisa, interestingly I read an article today that mentioned that insomnia is often a symptom of dehydration - might be worth trying to increase your water intake and see if it makes a difference. xx
oooh Thanks Dale, I didn't know that, definitley worth trying!! I just find I'm up late and then don't want to get up in the morning!!! Catch 22 though really isn't it!! So will give it a try! Thanks babes x
Or is it because of keep having to get up to pee?
Actually for me, it is so exciting to think i am a slim person with loads of energy. I used to go to sleep hating being fat and dream of waking up slim - now I do.Was up at 3.45 this morning!
Off to bed now.
Splenda, I always use my iphone for this forum, just using my laptop tonight for the first time ever! And I see your pictures on your signature, on the pic bottom left, that wasn't you originally was it? And yes I agree its got to be the peeing in the night!!!
Thanks Pearl. I'd like to say it wasn't me, but sadly - yes!
How did I ever let that happen?
Never again.:)

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