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Trouble sleeping


Happily pro pointing!
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Hi Christo

The only time I had a problem sleeping is when I had coffee too late at night, apart from that I am getting quite tired at the end of the day and have been sleeping pretty well.

Hope it resolves itself soon.
Au contraire. I've been sleeping like a log since LL. Normally I'm an insomniac. Hmmm... sorry to hear about it.
This was initially the same for me. I used to have a bit of trouble getting to sleep but after being on LL for a couple of weeks I found my sleeping pattern improved and I felt much more refreshed in the morning. However, in the last week of so I just don't seem to able to nod off, regardless of how tired I am.

I may try having my foodpack earlier in the day so that I have less energy but the time night time falls.
Hi Christovee

I could never fall asleep without the telly on. I have now bought a CD called sleep and it is brilliant. I am now guaranteed to be asleep before the end of the CD.

Unfortunately, I do however, have to get up twice a night now for a pee, but it is more like sleep walking or shall I say (pee walking),.
Hi Christovee, I've never been a great sleeper but it got worse while I did LL/CD and now that I'm on maintenance, I'm on sleeping tablets as it didn't get any better! Everyone's different tho..so hopefully things will improve for you.


Back to the grindstone!!
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I am struggling with the sleep too and that is not like me!! I love my bed but I find that I can get to sleep just that if I wake up then that's me awake. Even if it is 3 or 4 in the morning. It does get very irratating but I am hoping that it is just a phase and that I can catch up on my beauty sleep soon, although I don't need so much now that I am a shadow of my former self!!
I hope it sorts itself out for both of us!!
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Yes I stuggle with sleep on LL...must be all the thoughts of what I am going to do when I am thin! Lol! Seriously though I think I feel kind of wired because of the hunger late at night so try and have my last foodpack straight before going to bed which you might find helpful. I also get cramps in my legs at night if I have less than 5 litres of water a day which doesn't help ( i don't know if I need more because of being superfat or because I am tall-on the CD you have to have an extra foodpack if you are over 5'7?). Wierdly though, I have more energy even though my sleep is disrupted after the first few weeks of LL.

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