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Trouble sleeping


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Hi Deej
I have just finished day 4 and I have had problems every night since I started diet on Saturday. First night was the worst kept waking up have hot sweats and felt horrible. I dont seem to be able to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time and when I wake up I am wide awake and no chance of getting back to sleep this has then been catching up on me. I would actually say this has affected me worse than any hunger pains/cravings etc. One positive to it though is that when I wake up in morning I am wide awake and dont feel tired at all. Do you just have trouble falling asleep or do you constantly wake up through the night like me?
HI DeeJ and Tinkerbella
I normally sleep fom 10 til 6. Last few nights I haven't got to sleep til long gone 11 and then I still woke at 6. I haven't been waking once asleep though so it's not too bad.
Are you feeling tired?
Hi - Yes I have found the same. I remember feeling like this when I was on Atkins as well so it might be something to do with eating less carbs. What has helped me is to split the "dinner shake" so that I have half just before I go to bed. If it is chocolate flavour then I make it warm so that it's like having a hot chocolate. I still wake up earlier than normal but it's not too bad.

I'm sure our bodies will adjust over time.


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I am on week 3 and for the initial 3 or 4 nights of week 1 sleep was disrupted. It has settled right back down, on the odd night I do get hunger pangs but water seems to settle my tum right down. Hope you get a good night's sleep soon. Good luck and keep going.


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I've suffered from sleepless nights since hitting ketosis, it can take me hours to drop off, although I usually manage a full night once I fall asleep. I was actually the opposite in the first few days, I was so tired and exhausted I had to nap in the afternoon. Don't forget, our bodies go from being fuelled with mountains of junk to tiny amounts of nutrient rich food- its an extreme change and we are all bound to react differently to it.

I try and have a half hot shake right before bed, it does help a fair bit. I also plan myself a little bit of 'down' time- just me and my book, no T.V, no snoring h2b. I find winding down helps my body relax. Hope this all helps a little x

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