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Extra Easy Trouble Using my syns this week


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Hello everyone, hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice. I normally go out at the weekend and so will spend maybe 50-60 syns on alcohol. This week however I am not going out and finding it extremly difficult to use up my syns.
I have tried things like adding sauce to my meals, having a biscuit with tea. But by doing this I feel I am reverting back to my old ways. I am not missing chocolate, crisps or mayonaise and so I feel I am eating these just for the sake of it and I am increasing my exercise because I feel so bad about eating this food.
The reason I am worried is because SW experts always say you must use all or most of your syns. I know this works because by using all or most of my syns I am yet to gain (excluding Xmas day)
So my question is if I stick to using 5 syns a day for this week am I likely to gain this week?
I am so close to my club 10 so it will be really upsetting if I do gain or STS.

I will be grateful for any advice x

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You shouldn't have a gain unless you over-eat, so it might just slow your losses.

One of the other impacts to consider is the effect it could have on your metabolism, as eating less can slow it down.

Also, it's worth remembering that whilst having syns for treats might feel bad, the rest of the plan means you are eating very healthily. So just because one area of your diet might feel 'bad' or 'wrong', because it's all balanced out with a healthy plan, it shouldn't have a negative impact. (15 syns is roughly 300 calories, so it's not enough to do damage even if you did have all of them!)


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okay, thank you. I'm not undereating as I normally eat well enough using free food and super free food to be able to lose without needing my syns, so with using my syns I feel like I am overeating, but I'm not as it is all within plan. :confused:
I might just see what happens at WI.
This is what i'm finding. Seeing i'm all green i eat a lot of super free and free foods. I used 3 syns yesterday for some creme fresh. But I cant see what i would spend the syns on especially 15 a day. Also the yogurt i have is a free food.

But op i see what your saying as i;ve eaten a *lot* in comparision to what i generally would and well i dont have any room left for anything else LOL.


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I have been having hot choc at night with milk and so synning both. If I use maybe 5-8 a day hopefully it won't effect my loss. Plus having a rotten cold doesn't help :-(
Might I suggest the Yeo Valley lemon curd yoghurt - it doens't taste so much of lemon curd, more like a lemon cheesecake topping than yoghurt.

or rachel's coconut yoghurt - oh my, now that's just something special!

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