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I'm not exactly sure where i'm supposed to be posting this but.

Just about every pair of trousers i get the waist is too big but my legs are way too fat to go in a size smaller, i got my trousers falling down on me every time i walk.
And with tops my arms are humongous so i have to just about always get a bigger size.

Am i normal? lol
You are normal of course. Normal pear shaped. It is much healthier to carry the extra weight on your lower half and not all around the middle (apple shaped). It is much less strain on your heart.

Dizzy x
Hi Morbid,

Have you tried elasticated waist band...all my trousers had to have a bit of elastic in them and also in the legs stretchy material.

I hope some of the information might help.

Love Mini xxx

Finding the pear-fect fit
If you have a pear shaped figure don't be alarmed. Although the styles of the clothing on the UK high street would suggest otherwise, you are actually in the majority, and all you have to really worry about is balancing the top half with the lower half of your body. Easier said than done given the choice on the high street? Let me enlighten you...

It sounds simple enough, but finding a pair of trousers that fits both the hips and waist can seem more like 'Mission Impossible' than a trip to the local shopping centre. There are clothing manufacturers out there that DO cater for pear shaped figures, however these manufacturers won't label their products to indicate this, opting for phrases such as 'Easy fit' and 'Comfort fit' to describe their ranges. However, I am pleased to report that there are places where you can shop to find that pear-fect fit...and you don't have to be Emma Bunton or Kate Winslet (both beautiful British pears) to track them down...
Let's start with the issue of jeans... for a 'pear' the most flattering style is boot cut, or wide legged, which will ultimately promote a balanced look.
I have found that Levi's do a fantastic... dare I say it.. 'Comfort Fit-Boot cut', which is ideal for pear shaped gals. And if you don't fancy paying Levi Store prices, check out the selection of Levi's available from
Alternatively if you want to draw the attention away from your backside, hipsters are ideal as they instantly make your bottom look smaller and accentuate your waistline. Before you think that hipsters are only for the ultra slim or under 20's be advised that designers have caught on to the flattering fit of hipsters for 'pears', and you can now buy suits that come with hipster trousers as standard, jogging bottoms and even skirts that fit just that little bit lower.
Dorothy Perkins offers a wide range of up to date styles that are great for both Tall and Petite pears; it's worth seeing what they've got to offer at
For a classy yet, up-to-the-minute looks, check out But don't just take my word for it - Principles themselves state, "We are about grown up fashion, for grown up women. All our collections are specifically designed to flatter by being well cut and making the best use of the best fabrics." What more could you want?
If you're still young at heart, and Principles is a bit too grown up for you, look no further than Monsoon. Their website at, and nationwide stores aim to bring together clothes from different ethnic origins ranging from Malta, India and the Far East. They combine modern design with traditional materials that result in some really chic clothing. Think bright, floaty colours with class! What is great about Monsoon is their jeans are ideal for pear shaped figures and they come in three different lengths, short, regular and long... so spoilt for choice!
Zara is store that is great no matter what your age or size. Originating from Spain, Zara has adopted the notion that no matter what your generation, they have the ability to cater for everyone's individuality. Any store with consideration for individuality sounds good to me. In my experience I've found that the staff in Zara are always more than willing to give you a hand if you can't find exactly what you're looking for. If you don't ask you don't get.
The key to flattering your pear shaped figure is to draw attention from your hips and thighs. Try wearing darker colours on your lower half. Obvious as it may sound, black is always slimming, and can detract attention away from those problem areas.

To compensate for this lack of colour, go all out with bright tops that sit on your relatively small waist... go for clear, rich colours like Pinks, Blues, Greens and Purples as you'll find that this too will focus attention away from your hips.
For great T-Shirts style tops that come in huge range of sizes and colours, try H&M. Their website at showcases a great range of tops that are guaranteed to complete that look with a flattering pair of black hipsters.

Source: Womens clothing for pear shaped figures - Uniquely Woman
Oh dear, I have the opposite problem. By the time any jeans fit around my waist they are hanging off my legs like clowns trousers ! I can't seem to solve that problem either !
Well all my clothes at the moment are elasticated waist. there is not 1 pair i can get on that has a button fastener. And top wise all huge tent size tshirts that cover the tops of my arms and my belly and butt.

Hopefully this will soon change

I have always had the problem of a small waist and big legs. I have to pull trousers in with a belt. Even when i am slim it's the same!:( Trouble is, i also have big boobs! So no one ever gets to see my small waist! I look fat all over, hehe!
Hi there

Apologies for the lack of posting here lately!

Just thought you should all know that La redoute plus size collection offers trousers (and Jeans I think) in various shapes - you can even shop your shape (apple, pear and hour glass). Ironically though they don't seem to offer this for 'normal' sizes...

Hope that helps!

Oh and btw Morbi - yes you are normal - the shops are just bloody stupid!:D

Luv CC xx xx xx xx