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Trying again


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Hi everyone:)

In 2008 I did the Cambridge Diet, I did really well losing almost 6 stone:D

Well I'm now 4 stone heavier and have decided to give Exante a try before the other 2 go back on :(

I have spent the last two weeks :cry:and then I remembered Minimins:)

I decided on Exante purely because of cost and I have seen how supportive you are here.

Still awaiting my 1hr e-mail, after that buckle your seatbelts because I will need all of you for the next few weeks:)
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Hi Kelly!!

Welcome Welcome!! There are lots of people in your situation here, including myself. I did Cambridge last year - lost 5stone and put almost 4stone back on!!! I am now on my 4th day of exante and the products are soooo much tastier than Cambridge. The shakes are creamier and thicker!! There's a good bunch of people on here and are all very supportive so if at any time you are struggling and need to rant, please come on here and speak to us! One of us is ususally always about! :)

Goodluck! :D


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Welcome Kelly....you're not alone. I was on LL last year, lost around 2 stone and felt great only to put it back on and more! Great forum this with great success stories, really supportive environment for us all. Good luck! Gx


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Thanks to both of you:)

I still haven't got my delivery and I have been up since 5 this morning, I have resigned myself to starting tomorrow now because there is only so long I can survive on coffee and water.

So it's a low carb day for me today in preperation for tomorrow:)
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What you could do is have a low carb brekkie and then when the packs arrive start on the packs - youll at least have half a day under your belt then!:D

I understand if you cant do that - I couldnt and its a habit I will aim to change in the future..:eek:

Have you checked your email -the interlink company email you to tell you the hour in which they will deliver for example for me it was 10:32am-11:32am


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I have them now:D I'm going to start in the morning.

I'm happy now, give me until Wednesday and if I haven't shouted at anyone for eating a sandwich in front of me, I should be fine.


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Hi Kelly!

Welcome aboard! I am really pleased that you have your packs now. I was really impatient! I did not get an email to say mine were coming lol

I lost a lot of 4.5 stone last year with SW and then atkins and put back on around 7, so I win lol


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Did you have it as a shake? I make mine as a mousse by adding less water and eat with a spoon and find it works for me. Heating the chocolate 'shmousse' in the micro for about 30 seconds makes it taste like chocolate custard!

Start glugging the water as that really helps. You will probably feel pretty crap for a few days as your body gets used to it. Just keep in mind that you're not doing your body any harm as it is getting the exact amount of nutrition it needs. You just need to get through the first few days, and we've all been there!

I bought the bumper pack so the thought of quitting and wasting 100 quid was pretty motivational too :D Just wait till that first weigh in and you will see it's worth it.

Keep checking back here too. It's like having diet buddies with you all the time. Good luck, you can do this x


Are We There Yet?
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You will be fine Kelly :) I have pretty much felt a lot better than expected all week. But yesterday and today I feel particularly great. So hang on in there. It wont be long before you feel fab. And as you have done CD before, I am sure you are very aware of that any way :) x


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WELCOME and good luck- stick with it you will be feeling the benifits in no time- good luck, remember to check in if your struggeling for some motivation x
Thanks everyone:)

I read this site for over a week before taking the plunge again. You are all so supportive and I feel bad for whinging in this thread and not adding to another thread to be supportive.

I promise that when the ketosis fairy visits me soon, that I will stop whinging and start supporting others:)


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Good luck Kelly, hang in there, you have been there before and seen the results so nothing to stop you.
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Hi Kelly & welcome. I've found that splitting the packs & having 2 smaller shakes/soups a couple of hours appart helped with the nausea & upset stomach.

Yes I Can!

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Hello and Welcome
Best of luck for your journey

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