Trying calorie counting! 90lbs to loose!

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  1. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Hiya... Im a serial dieter.. Weight watchers, slimming world etc but then i seem to loose motivation but i know i need to loose the weight as im the heaviest ive ever been. I was really successful with weight watchers years ago but my bf at the time wasnt happy i lost weight and put me down comstantly so the weight crept back on.. And then some! My current partner is much more supportive but i still cant seem to stick to any diet for more than a month...

    I tried sw there but My job as a support worker doesnt really help as my service users are always wanting to go to mcdonalds etc and although theyre not the healthiest i thought maybe calorie counting would be easier to work around?

    I calculated calorie allowance on mfp and it says 1470... Would this be about right? (Im 5'7 and 245lbs)

    Im pretty skint untill the end of the month so my diary probably wont be the best untill next friday when im paid!

    I slept in today (first day off in a fortnight whoop whoop!) so i didnt have breakfast

    Lunch: chicken mugshot (204kcal)

    Snack: 2x coffee with skimmed milk amd sweetner (30kcal) pack of cheese and onion french fries (84kcal)

    Dinner: weight watchers Jamaican curry (308kcal)

    Snack: 2x satsumas (60kcal) and I ate some of my friends minstrels I will check calories in a bit
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  3. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Feeling quite positive today... Went over my calories yesterday by 50 which I think is not bad for my first day... I'm working today but brought a packed lunch...

    Breakie: 2xweetabix with skimmed milk and a cinder toffee flavoured coffee

    Lunch: 2x brown bread with asda light sweet chilli soft cheese, a few grapes, an apple and a satsuma

    Dinner: quorn bolognase with loads of veg through it

    Me and my service user went a 30min brisk walk which I've added into mfp and we are spending the day walking around a shopping centre but not adding that in!

    Total kcal left: 800

    I'm trying to fit in my 5 a day... 4/5 so far
  4. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    Hiya and welcome to the cc section :)

    I'm also a serial dieter and tried everything in the book. I like cc as I can basically have what I want within reason.

    Good luck :)
  5. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Thanks :) yeah i like the sw recipes but sometimes if I'm doing 13hr shift with a visit to mcdonalds in the middle it's just too hard to resist lol! X
  6. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    The good thing is you can still have it :)
  7. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Oook not the best few weeks! I mess up one day and that's the willpower out the window... I NEED to do it though... The most embarrassing thing happened the other day... I was out working with a service user and I bent over and my jeans ripped... I had to walk around like a penguin before racing home to change into a pair of (too small) jeggings! So here goes....
    (Ps I can never remember calories so I will just put total at the end as I'm using my phone and that's where I use mfp... And I upped my calorie allowance to loosing 1lb a week so I get 1800 surely I can't go over this?!)

    A sausage sandwich using sainsburys extra lean Cumberland sausages and ketchup with a coffee
  8. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    Aw no!! You poor thing!
  9. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Yeah and my bf didn't get why I was so upset :( guys just don't understand lol! Anyway I ended up spending the last few days eating all the junk I had in the house... I shall try AGAIN! I'm working 12-9.30pm today with a mcdonalds trip I might not be able to resist with a service user (what's annoying is I don't even particularly like mcdonalds I just can't seem to resist!)

    Breakfast: 2x wholemeal bread with egg and (extra light!) Mayo

    Snack before work: grapes/strawberries and new coconut/lime muller light/bring grapes for work

    Dinner: happy meal

    Snack after dinner: rocky road hifi and packet of crisps (I go to a disco for people with learning difficulties and they hand out cake and crisps!)

    As I'm out the house I hopefully won't come across anything too naughty!

  10. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Whoops slight change as my first service user wanted to go for lunch and there was nothing healthy so lentil soup and lasagne... I will try my hardest not to have a happy meal later (I'm so stuffed just now anyways!) and I will be under my calories still eek x
  11. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Hey! Here to subscribe :) you sound a lot like me ... as soon as I feel like I have been 'bad' then I give up. Definitely not going to this time. Good luck x
  12. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Thanks :) well I've had a terrible day... :( Working all day and came home to find out my oh has been lying to me, he's been suspended from work and pretending to go in for weeks! And he wasn't paid last month so rent hasn't been paid!! Dunno what to do ? at least I didn't eat anything else! Humph :(
  13. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Oh no :( keep up the good work though hun, dont let it get you down x
  14. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    Oh no! Why did he not say anything? Is he likely to get his job back?
  15. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    At the moment I feel so sick I'm not sure I want to eat... I didn't get to sleep till about 3am so coffee is defo in order! I got a new tassimo machine yesterday so I'm testing out the caramel latte this morning yum! Today's plan is I go out for breakfast with another staff member and a service user (every Wednesday and Sunday!) I morrisons so that will be quite high but I'm out till 10pm with a wee gap in the middle so I will try not to eat much else later...
  16. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    He works in a call centre and a fraudster called up and he gave them details (they knew security password) he has a meeting on the 14th which is the end of his months suspension and they will tell him then! He's also went to doctors cos he had a bit of a breakdown at work and didn't tell me and he's been getting up in the morning and pretending to go to work and just walking about and sitting on busses all day!
  17. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    That sounds unfair .. If the caller knew the security details then hardly your bfs fault.

    Hope it all gets sorted soon xx
  18. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    I know I feel sorry for him but annoyed that he lied... He's applying for other jobs anyway incase he doesn't get kept on .... My diary today has been nothing but junk but I still have 1000kcal left...

    Crispie cake, a packet of crisps, two biscuits and two tassimo drinks! X
  19. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...


    Here to subscribe and follow the journey :)

    You seem to coping well with the stresses you've got going on! Keep your chin up :D
  20. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Hey! Thanks... I feel like I'm eating junk but no actual food... I'm at the pictures with another service user (seeing the muppets haha I love my job!) and I've got a huge packet of rainbow drops which are 200 odd calories but you go on forever!! X
  21. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Hmmm just checked my calories and it's 780 for the day maybe I should make myself eat something?? This is NOT normally me btw I do promise pics of lovely low cal dinners... I used to be a chef and love cooking... I'm just not in the mood today x

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