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Trying exante for 1 week - wish me luck

Hey afternoon everyone...

I'm gonna be trying exante shakes for 1 week ... My good friend is starting weight watchers as she can't get her head round with just having shakes so asked if I wanted them :eek: and I said yes :eek:... Just got 21 packs from her.. Can't believe I'm doing this lol...

I've been doing healthy eating was 17 stones and need to lose about a stone and a half to get to goal... Last few weeks I've fell of the wagon and since struggled to get back into it...

This seems strict but I think that's what I need right now .. Food right now just is messing my weightloss so Gonna see how I find it and go from there..

I'm starting tomm.. Hope I do as well as you guys.. :) I've never done anything like this before ...

Excited and nervous x
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I can haz cake?
If you feel crap at first keep at it, it can take 4-5 days to get into ketosis, then your hungry subsides dramatically!!!

If you can stick at it you can see amazing, unbelievable losses, especially if you strictly stick to shakes/bar only. Some people do working solution (I am one of those) and you can eat foods from that list. Either way you'll lose weight =P

Check out the Ketogenic food list (its a sticky up on this forum) for food that is safe to eat when on working solution, or for those days where you have to make an appearance at a dinner without ruining your diet.

Good luck pet xx


really trying again!
Good luck Precious. As above, the first few days are the hardest but as soon as you're over them you should feel great... x
You'll do great! x


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Good luck

Hey Thank you so much - im really looking forward to starting tomm...

I really want to lose the last bit of weight off now and stop losing the same pounds over and over .. i think thats where i lose the motivation...

plan is to join the gym and do 3 days of that.. and am also thinking of spinning which ive tried before and loved...i understand on a vlcd this may not be possible excersise wise...but thats the plan...

Have a fab sunday all x


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If you're not already doing spin I would strongly advise against it at the beginning of a VLCD

Hun Ive been doing it on and off when a space has been available...as this usually books up rather quickly :) do u think that is good enough if i wanted to carry on?

thanks x


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In that case you should be OK BUT take it easy and listen to your body



I can haz cake?
i did my personal training session this weekend and I'm on it. Exante advise if you are doing extra intense exercise you have to take some ketogenic food or an extra pack. If you are only eating 600 calories and burning maybe the same or more (i can do about 800 in a p.t session) then its really not good for your health.

And you are a lot less physically able as well, just as a heads up.
Good luck.....first day is always the worst, so keep at it..x

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