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Trying for a baby

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Is there anyone here who is trying for a baby or loosing weight to help concieve at a later date?

Is there anyone here who struggles with irregular periods, or belives/knows that their weight is an issue for not yet being pregnant.

I know this can be a sore point - The above is me so just wanna offer :hug99:.

Thought if there was a few of us we could support each other.

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Hi fattybombom (love the name lol!)

I have been trying but have irregular periods. How long have you been trying?

S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Hi there Flumpy

Well we have not used contraception for 4 years! Arrrgggghhhh, but right now we are just taking a break but will be kinda starting back to try in May, although will need to be careful as currently doing a VLCD and would not want to risk the baby.

I suffer from prolonged periods. Once I start it normally last for about a month then have a break and then it starts again! Hoping the weight loss will help as thats all the doctors go on about!

We will get there one day flumpy!



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S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Month long periods, sounds awful!! I'm the opposite whereas I hardly have them! Just having blood tests at the mo.

Let me know how you get on especially as you're doing Exante like I am x
have either of you gals thought of using an ovulation monitor, i know they are v pricey, mine was 99.00 and you need sticks to use every day but they reckon they increase your chances of conceiving my 89%!! It says on the box that it can be used for anyone who has a cycle of 28 - 42 days. Its so flippin stressful knowing if you ovulating are or not and although this is mega clinical it seems to work for lots of people! i have no idea if it works cos mine is still in the box but i know someone who was in the trial and she loved it.

Getting pregant is such a hit or miss, so many factors are involved! Amazes me when ppl get pregant on one night stands or by accident, its amazing (and lucky them) but we're not all the same huh?
Hi. I'm just about to get back on the horse in terms of losing weight again and going to follow the elimination plan as I enjoy it. I can't 'do' slimming clubs and food replacement plans I just can't stomach shakes but I know that for my own health and wellbeing and sanity I need to do something as I have about 8 stone+ to lose.

I want to lose enough weight to feel comfortable with getting pregnant and we've not actively tried so I don't know if a) I'm able b) he's able and if we need help (apart from the obvious :p). I'm also panicking as I'm 37 in a couple of months and don't want to wait too long because of my age. So lots to contend with and achieve before we even start trying for real. Luckily I've never had any problems with my cycle and am like clockwork and always have been irrespective of my weight.

The only issue I have is that we had a game of russian roulette on the 25th January and I had my period in February as normal but ever since I've felt pregnant even tho 3 tests have come back negative. I've been exhausted, teary, sore back, crampy feeling in my tum, tender boobage and on Thursday had slight pink spotting but not due for another week. I'm so confused, wondering if its in my head but I know something feels different. Anyhoos, I know my sister had several false negatives when she was pg with her 3 girls as did my mum when she was pg with us and I'm just worried that I could be. Doesn't help that hubby is making me panic, saying that I should buy a digital pg test rather than use the peeonastick ones.

hi ladies

me and my dh have been ttc for nearly a year now and i am certain it is my weight that is affecting it. we have comceived in the past but i have suffered miscarriages. i am certain it is due to my weight and the docs keep on about it too so i am determined to slim down and conceive our little miracle baby


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Hope you dont mind me joining in this thread
We have been trying for years, ad four MC now, had all the tests under the sun and we are 'normal'. Al they say is your weight is an issue.. yeah right as I have friends who are larger than me who have had babies.
To check if you ov you can use a clear blue fertility moniter (CBFM) they can cost about £100 BUT if you lok on ebay you can buy them there cheaper. You can also get the test sticks there as well cheaper than in the shops £19.99 is normal price.
Never give up hope, we can do it
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I have always been overweight and suffered from the age of 13 with month long severe heavy (to the point of ending up in hospital several times) periods.
So was put onto contraceptive injections from a early age to stop my periods, came off them at 19....periods went bad to severe almost straight away so went back on them.
Came off a year later same thing but was advised to go onto pill, was great for a few years then had a severe bleed and ended up in hospital were I was told it was all due to my weight and to slim down.....tried every single diet going and as a horse rider I have always been pretty fit, and had a very very physical job of working with farm animals, lost 9lb !!
Was then told maybe nothing to do with weight and went through 2 years of being poked and prodded about, being told it was one thing then told "oh no we got it wrong".
One doctor (female I should add) even told me "your fat and have heavy periods get over it and stop wasting nhs money"
GP kept pressing for tests and found out I have Polycystic ovaries.
Went on to lose 3 babies ....one 2 days before scan.

2 years ago I got referred to addenbrookes cambridge were I was told that being obease was probably due to my Polycystic ovaries and it was a nasty cycle of needing to lose weight but the polycystic ovaries making very hard too.
Had to do food diaries etc and was told what I was eating was perfect, but no weight loss.
Was then told that Gastric bypass surgery has been used to help treat polycystic ovaries (as it makes u loss weight), so therefore helps you when trying for a baby.
Tried but got refused for funding for bypass, so now back to squareone, with polycystic ovaries chances are you need IVF treatment, but you cannot have it or get funding unless you loss weight. So nightmare really.....

I just realised how much I have waffled on !!! ....Sorry :0(

For those of you saying about problems with periods I urge you to go and ask your gp to be tested for polycystic ovaries...its 2 simple tests of a blood test and ultrasound.

Sorry for sounding so downhearted, just very upsetting sometimes


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I have a cbfm Freefalling but as my cycles are sooo long its no good to me. Nuttytrace you sound like you've been through the mill with it all. I have been for a blood test today for various things inc. PCOS and have also been referred for a scan so will know soon. Could they not put you on Metformin? xx


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Well I had my daughter 2yrs ago and fell prgenant at 10st 13....at 5ft tall, so I was overweight. Now I weight 13st 6 already I have lost 13lbs. Me and my husband haven't used any contraceptives for a good 10 months plus since having my daughter my periods are longer....like every 5-6 weeks apart. But I think the biggest reason as to why I'm not pregnant yet is my weight. Hopefully now that I'm losing it will help, but to be honest I don't want to fall pregnant untill I'm at my goal weight, because I know how much I put on with my daughter.
So in short! I believe personally for me it's my weight.
Hope this helped a bit. x
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Hiya Flumpy
They tried Metformin and i had a reaction to it :0( tried all different mg's of it but every single one made me have really bad vomiting.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you test results :0)
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Hi, I'm with you.

When I conceived my son I was 16st 10lb, I fell pregnant the very first month of ttc! We have been ttc a second baby since January 2007 and had nothing so far, although I think I may have had two very early losses (faint bfp followed by heavy period,sorry tmi).

In allthis time I have refused to believe that my weight (now 17 stone) is an issue. After all I conceived super fast last time at a similar weight. However, I am now feeling that I am just kidding myself. I don't feel healthy and that is the key!Plus I am nearly 5 years older now too!!!

I have been considering cd but chickening out,but I have now decided enough is enough! I am 6PDO today so don't want to start just yet (just in case :D) so will arrange to see my cdc Friday (testing day).

Good luck to us all, I would love to keep this thread going as it is such a relief to find others in the same boat xxx
You know I'm amazed at all the stories I've heard about how doctors deal or don't deal in my case when it comes to weight. I've been overweight since the age of 8, am 37 in in 3 weeks time. I've tried every diet under the sun and the most I've ever lost was 3 stone and I kept it off for 4 years but I was 17-20 at the time and physically very different. Since then I've put the 3 stone back on plus another 7. I'm in a perpetual state of 'dieting' and I'm now exhausted with it all and fighting a losing battle.

I went to the doctors a couple of years ago cos I was at the end of my rope and I got a patronising head bob and a pat on the hand (no joke) and told, I am nice and healthy and I shouldn't worry about anything and told to go on my way. Great support NOT! So I persevered and was finally referred to a dietician who was hopeless, I knew more than her so we both decided I didn't need nutritional advice so they then referred me to this weightloss clinic at the hospital where you had sessions with a psychiatrist, a weighloss group and were weighed every fortnight. Again, went for the 3 month sessions, lost 9lbs but didn't learn anything new about myself and why I was overweight and I already knew the calories in/out equation. If after a year you still couldn't lose weight you could be referred to have a gastric band.

I have never tried extreme dieting methods, pills and don't want surgery but after 30 years of being overweight these options are looking tempting now. I am sick to death of carrying all this weight around and I so badly want a baby that I don't know what to do anymore. Do we just try and hope for the best risking my life and the babies cos I am carrying a lot of weight, or do I spend the next 6 months trying to lose say 10% and then try?

I just don't know what to do for the best as it could take several months to conceive, if at all and I'm just worried about time now. Also, there's so much negativity towards overweight people, its like the only accepted form of prejudice that's allowed to go on and its blamed for everything.

I have several friends who are at a healthy weight and been ttc for a long time and haven't fallen pregnant but there's nothing to blame that on whereas in our case, its the weight thats to blame when it could just be wrong timing, stress, who knows! GRRR so frustrating.

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Hi all,
I suffer from PCOS... I'm also overweight, so am trying to lose weight..
I have 2 healthy kids, my boy is 5 years old and we conceived him straight away... my girl, she took 22 months!!!!
I was overweight on both times, but my period was messed up and this made getting pregnant very hard...
Unfortunately, one of the symptoms of PCOS is the weight gain, and the weight gain worsens the other symptoms (like the trouble with conceiveing).
I'm on the Cambridge diet, first time I've tried a diet that wasn't "self made", ie. eat less!!!!
Carbs and PCOS really don't get on, this is why I've opted for a VLCD that normally eliminates carbs completely...
It's possible to conceive while being fat, but the odds are against us...
(My second baby was conceived after I lost 1st and used Clomid)
Good luck to all with babies and weight loss...


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My boyfriend and I are thinking about trying for a baby but haven't started just yet. I am still at uni, going in to my 3rd year and he has a job but it's someting we are both very keen to do due to past circumstances.

There are a few things I am worried about. My boyfriend had cancer last year and had to have radiotherapy. They say that this could have caused his fertility levels to decrease so we are under the fertility people at the hospital for this. We will need to get in contact with them to find out the reading for his fertility levels and also, because of this they say if we try and don't succeed withina few months we are to go to them for help and it may mean that we would need some help getting pregnant.

The lady did say before though that with my weight they may not be as forthcoming with treatment but I have lost a couple of stone since and am still losing.

I'm also worried about proffessionals being funny with me becaue of my weight/think we are in the wrong to get pregnant at this time.

The most senible piece of advice that I have heard was if you have sex every 2-3 days every month, this increases your chances 3 fold :)

Anyway, I have found this section useful so thank you :)
Just to add my two penneth of hope! I was trying for at least 4 years with no luck, decided to do a VLCD as a last attempt before resorting to clinics etc. Lost 5 stone and conceived my little boy while i was still on the VLCD. No probs apart from that by the end of the pregnancy had put back on most of the weight I had lost! Def worth it though! Now trying to lose it again to have a go for a little brother or sister........

I think sometimes fate just knows when the time's right.

Fingers and toes crossed for you :hug99: