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Trying to find the motivation....

Been trying for 3 weeks to find the motivation to start! We have just moved into our house on tuesday last week so used that as an excuse but that is now running a bit thin!!! I have boxes etc to unpack but I need to get a kick up the bum to get going!!!
I havent filled the house with junk but still struggling :0(
Done the usual of looking out my thin clothes and visualising me at 3 stone lighter but have a real boost then nothing Dooh!
I feel the depression I suffered as a side effect of hormone treatment hasn't lifted some days, and I think I will feel better once I get a better diet that doesn't consist of refined sugar-wooh it's addictive!

ANY IDEAS folks??????
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Your head has to be in the right place to do this diet. I simply asked myself 'do I want to be fat or slim?' if you don't do something about your weight, it's unlikely to get better.
In fact, most overweight people continue to put on weight throughout their lives.
Life can and does get in the way, but you have to prioritise getting healthy if it's something that is important to you.
If you struggle on this sort of diet, then try something different like a low GI diet. Peopel deliberate for ages about going onto a VLCD and start, stop, cheat etc and in the end might have lost more weight just doing a healthy eating plan.
It isn't for everybody, not doing it does not mean that you've failed, but clearly you're not happy or you wouldn't be posting here. So you need to make a decision on what you're doing and I think you might feel a bit brighter just doing that.


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If you've already got the packs, then just try one and see if you like it /can tolerate using that as your food. Sometimes just having that first one is the barrier to getting started. You can always start at lunch time or dinner, it doesn't have to be first thing in the morning... just have that first one or first day and see how it goes.
Good luck :)
As has been said though, if you're putting it off a lot, it's worth considering if this is the diet for you, or whether you'd be better off with one that involved food, or one that involved a supportive group that you actually see. Only you know what's right for you :)

good luck

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