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Trying to get back on track - feeling depressed - HELP!


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Well, I haven't been weighed today yet - but according to my scales I've put a shed-load of weight back on again this week.
Last Wednesday, as I've mentioned before, I had major dental stuff going on and so for this last week I've felt that I'd been punched in the mouth and had someone else's teeth to replace mine (I still have my own, it just feels like I don't). This has meant that I've felt sorry for myself all week and not been totally on plan.
I've had a huge box of mealteasers, a burger king, mashed potato with cheese, and generally just eating what I could stand to eat.


So, last week I gain my 4 stone award and this week I 'lose' it again....

So, I want this next week to be different.
I want to try and be on plan (although I'm going to a wedding do on Saturday evening) all week. I want to try red days this week as opposed to my usual extra easy days...maybe do some exercise.

I've been feeling very low this week as well. I feel like I have no life...and I need a boost in all aspects of my life.

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Only you can do it hun. Look how far you have come, 4 stone is a fantastic achievement and even if you put a couple on this week no-one can take that award away.
I've been messing about for weeks now, eating the wrong things. Meals have been okay but it's been the extras and night time snacking which I don't need and haven't counted.

I've given myself a kick up the bum last night, we had a chat in group, luckily it was quiet so I got chance to moan for a bit and I needed it. If you stay to group then have a moan, let your consultant know you need help, I did and it did help me.

But, like I said, you need to do this for yourself - how much do you want to lose the weight and why you want to lose it. Remind yourself!
It's only one week out of your SW life hun, forget about it and move on to a good week.

Mrs V

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I cant say anymore than Jaylou has said really.
Only you can do this, you have to want to do it badly enough to stop the cravings that you have for other things. 4stone is an amazing achievement Hun, but I think when we get to a milestone we all like to celebrate and for us that means a treat of food! Get back on plan, change to Red days and have a variety of foods...read the fod diaries too for some ideas and plan ahead!
Come on you can do this!!!



Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Thanks both - I'm going to do some planning for meals for the week (my weeks starts on a Thursday lol) and trying to get my head back in shape.
I think I need something new to aim for as all the reasons I joined SW have been achieved - being able to sit in seats and feeling more comfy in my own body.
Although my OH is supportive but when I start planning meals and stuff, or chatting with him about it, he starts to tell me that I'm 'obsessed' and that makes it difficult to stay on track at time cos I can't chat with him about it.
I am obsessed with SW in that it is the way I eat and always will be. I plan meals, I write it on the board, I read food mags and recipe books nightly to find new things to make SW style. In fact, I'm obsessed with food!
I try to talk to OH and ask him what he wants to eat, what he fancies in the week but tbh he's not interested. He'll eat what I put in front of him.
I think we need to be obsessed (or focused) to get the weight we want and keep it there so it's not a bad thing.


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Planning is something I've never been great at in any aspects of my life...and yet I need to know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it!

I'm going to go and do some planning now, I think...thanks again and if you can think of any help or inspirational stuff then please let me know xx
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Sorry you feel like life sucks at the moment hun, its always hard to pull yourself back up once you get the blues, but you can do it. Remind yourself of the journey you have traveled so far, 4 stone is fantastic. Do you want to slip back so far that you have a huge chunk of that 4 stone to loose over again? I don't think so. No matter how bad you feel, you must put yourself first and treat yourself nicely. You are so important and what you have accomplished is important too, and you must take care of the result. Remember why you are doing this, think of the fantastic feeling you are going to have when you reach goal and the fantastic life you will have as a beautiful, shapely woman. Imagine yourself doing all the wonderful things that you can't do now, reach for it with both hands and hold on to your dream hun, it will then become a reality, but you got to hold on tight and not let go. xxxxx


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I'm new to SW but oh my god look at how it has changed your life 4 stone is an AMAZING acheivement. It's far to easy to beat yourself up for a small slip up, so what you had some food that's not 100% on the plan - whoever is 100% at anything! life gets in the way, for a while so chill out re-assess and get back on it next week. Sometimes a little break is worth it - and I bet those maltesers were worth lush and deserved after horrible dentist.

As women (sorry boys) we beat ourselves up over so much and sometimes we just need to take a step back deep breath and get back in there - it's what were good at. Hope to hear of your progress next week

Niki x


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Thanks hon - you're right, the malteasers were well lush and something I;d been given the week before and saved until after the dentist because I knew how crap I'd be feeling.

I'm trying very hard not to beat myself up about it (I get weighed at 5:30 - eeek) but I'm expecting a sizable gain and as my head's not in it's usual happy place atm, it making it more difficult, you know?

I'm going to have a look in group and see if i can find some nice recipes to have for a change in the week.


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getting organised is key but have a little faith in yourself - its got you this far! ideas about new food will give you that variety and excitment at trying new recipes - let me know any good ones and if you sts or gain so what? it's a journey you just hit a bump that's all :)))
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Even if you put a bit on - don't worry. Taking a couple of weeks off is okay you know. You're not likely to put 4 stone back on overnight! Sometimes you need a break from it just to feel sort of normal as long as you're focussed enough to know that you're going got get back on it straight away. I've been on the good Food website and converting recipes. That is a great website for ideas. I thoroughly recommend it. All the best and hope your mouth gets better soon. xx


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Come on Jes! You are an inspiration to us all! We all have the glums sometimes! You've had a rough week, (G*d I love Maltesers! Crunched up over ice cream a la Jamie!) just don't beat yourself up about it! What the worst that could happen? You've delayed target by a week. What significance will that have in the rest of your life? Unless you're 107 probably nothing! :p.
So let yourself off the hook and start over. I bet it's not half as bad as you think!


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Well, I gained 4lbs!!! *eeeek*

I've come home with a food diary and the plan to do red and green days this week (I normally do EE). Our class is also doing a speed food challenge this week which will help, I'm hoping.
I'm also going to do some ringing around tomorrow to see if I can find a nice, cheap, gym in the area. The cheapest I've found is the local leisure centre, but I'm going to see if there any more out there...anyone in Hull know of any? lol
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Aww sweetheart dont beat yourself up, you had all the stress of going to the dentist which was not a pleasant thing for you, youve then had a sore mouth and what i like to call gravestone teeth (as in it feels like you have a mouthfull of squre stones). Then to place the cherry on top the fairs here tempting us with the evils of bob carvers, sweets by the stallfull and the smell of ratburgers down greasy alley.
If you need someone to chat to feel free to pop round to mine of an evening, ill pm you my moby number too, no credit atm to but feel free to ring and have a whinge.
And husbands are poo arent they? Mines had his meds changed and ha been eating junk all week in front of me, he even thinks hes still being supportive when he sends me out to get him chips from the chippy. Ill have my revenge though, when were all shacked up in the nursing home im going to swap his iv fluids for alka seltzer, see how smug he is when hes got fizzing blood muhahahahahaha


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
lol thanks hon - not been to the fair yet, I doubt if we'll go this year...

I do feel a bit beaten down by it all, but I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll wake up, all refreshed (not been sleeping well recently either) and raring to go!

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