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Trying to get organised...

Hi. I'm trying to make sure I understand the diet before I start in May (I'm on Cambridge at moment and that's when packs run out). Got a couple of questions I hope you can answer?

1. Oat Bran spoonfulls - I know what to do with it but where do I get it? Is it just normal oats like I'd make my porridge with?

2. Any tips/likely effects of going from Cambridge Sole Source straight into Attack?

3. Because I'm in ketosis already, should I do Attack for the least or max time allowed ?

Couldn't find these answers in book! Thank you peeps. X
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S: 13st13lb C: 10st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.6 Loss: 3st13lb(28.21%)
1 oat bran is the milled husk from around the grain so it's not the same thing as oats. tesco do an own brand version, asda and sainsburys sell the mornflake version and you can also get in in health food shops.

2 because you're coming from cambridge you might not see as much of a lightning start as some who aren't coming from a low carb diet.

3 i would suggest a short attack phase, but it would be worth going on the dukan website to fill in your details there and seeing what attack period the website suggests.

might also be worth filling in your user cp so we can see how tall you are and how much you've got to lose.
Great! Thank you! Been trying to fill in my profile but keeps telling me access denied!! I can only get on via my iPhone... So maybe I need a computer to do it?

I'm 5ft 3 and have, as of this morning, got exactly 5 stone to lose (23 lbs gone in 3 weeks already!).
Hehe! Thanks. I lost 13lb in first week so not THAT great. Hold a lot of water when I've been overloading on carbs! It's why I think low-carb is right for me. :)


grammar police
S: 13st13lb C: 10st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.6 Loss: 3st13lb(28.21%)
Eh? 13lb in a week followed by 2 weeks losing another 10 isn't that great? That's an incredible loss, many would kill for that!
Lol! I know I'm so ungrateful!!

It's just water. Now it's gone I barely lose more than a pound or two a week - over my entire weight loss exped I'll be well behind the average curve, despite sticking to any plan 100%! No idea why. Think my body thinks fat is it's warm cozy duvet and is loathed to get out if it!!


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Make sure on cambridge you are drinking enough water and not having too many bars, try a week without the bars, I was very sensitive to them and my losses went down when eating them :(
Thanks Susie. I don't eat bars at all. I make my shakes to a pint and drink 4x 750ml bottles of water a day plus half pint of D'Coke if I feel like it so fluid no problem. I will do about 3/4's of a stone a month on average (at least, that's what I did the first time lol!). I'm fine with that :)

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