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Trying to say Hello - gettin lost on the site

Hi Everyone :D

I'm a granny and very new to everything. Never been on a proper diet before. I started SW on-line a week ago, spurred on by my bestest friend. There are no classes in my are so doing first home weigh in tomorrow.

Never joined any type of forum before, but this site was the first to pop up each time I typed a question into Google, so have had a wee mooch about over the past week and decided this evening to join. I don't seem to be able to find answers to all my questions by simply searching. So hope to ask you all in time. However, I don't really have a clue how to use the site either. Posted this in the wrong bit last night, so trying again to say hello

Anyway losing 18lb is my first goal. I'll be quite happy to ultimately reach about 150lb. That'll be the lowest I've been for many a year.

Just done my first at home weigh in and have lost 3kg - 6.6lb! :D

Best wishes to everyone :confused:
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thats fantastic well done to you. and welcome of course :)
you will get used the the layout but theres plenty of lovely people to help you out xxxx


Goodbye, to the fat lady
Well Done Twinkle, welcome! I must admit I find it a difficult forum to get to grips with!!!
Hi to Katty, Sugarpuffjane & Ali :D

Many thanks for your lovely welcomes and 'weldones' (if there's such a word, haha). I have noticed many many lovely responses to people. That is one of the things that made me decide to join.
Was just away collected my little one from nursery and getting the much needed lunch ready. Not sure what I'm having yet. Haven't got into the nack of menu planning yet. :D


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Welcome Twinkle and good luck with Slimming World.

Here is a link to help you make your way around MiniMins and it will help explain a few things... just click on the link below


If you need any help with anything just ask as there will always be someone willing to help out.

We all were new once and had to learn just the same as you...the guide above evolved as I was learning about how things work, so this is why it looks the way it does:p

Just done my first at home weigh in and have lost 3kg - 6.6lb! :D
Well done on your weight loss, looks like you are off to a great start:happy096:

If you would like to put a weight ticker into your signature just click on the video tutorial below and it will show you step by step how to do it.

MiniMins.com - How to create a ticker and add it to your signature
Hi Mini ;)

Thanks for the welcome and the links for helping me. I will look at them as soon as.
Are there any areas that I should go to for specific questions? Or do I continue to post here?

Twinkle :clap:


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Hi Twinkle - I'm only just beginning to master my way around the forums (and I work in IT!) but it's such a lovely place that it's really worthwhile :D

Congratulations on your loss, that's fantastic, you must be dead pleased :)
Thanks Wenchie

It is a big site to get round that's for sure ;)

Good luck to you on your own journey too :D


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Hey - Welcome to Minimins :D

It's good that you found this site, because even though I go to a class, I don't know where I would be without it!

Slimming World is a great plan, and there's lots of knowledgable people on here who know it well and can offer lots of help and support!

Don't forget to start up a daily food diary on the food diary subsection - it really helps you keep track - and others can take a look too and let you know if they can see anywhere you are going wrong!

It is quite a big forum, but I find if you Google 'Minimins' there will be a subsection on the main Google page for Slimming world. Click that and then add it to your bookmarks. That way you can get to it easily.

Good luck! :D x
Thanks Lolacola, for the welcome and the hint about googling the site.
I do a food diary on the slimming world website, but it isn't totally user friendly. For example if I use one of their recipes, although I know how many syns there are, the diary page doesn't allow for adding it in, so I may well have a look at doing one here alongside, and as you say, others can help by letting me know if I've boobed anywhere, which is quite likely haha :-D
Thank you so much to all who have replied so far
Love & Hugs
Best wishes to one and all :-D
That is fantasic, well done. :D
Thanks for your message
Good luck to you both and hope you get to book your cruise soon. I am so jealous. Hope to see lots of pics here on your return ;D
Welcome Twinkletoes....I'm sure you'll get the hang of this site in no time! In answer to one of your previous questions, ideally it is best to go a specific area and post there if the question relates to that area! Make sense? Didn't think so! lol

What I mean is if you are posting a recipe, go to the recipe threads at the top and post the recipe in that section not in the general section. Syns, diary etc same thing. Easy as that!

Good luck with SW it's a terrific plan
Hi Dawnwynne

Thanks for your message.
i will try to be careful where I post things and double check before doing so , haha.

So much to see, and so little free time to do it in :wow:

Good luck to you


The Big One
Hello and welcome! I'm an online member too but don't find the sw site much good so have never done a food diary on there. Must have a proper look one day and try to figure it out! Good luck with your losses - looks like you're doing great so far x
well done on your loss, you are doing well. i am new as well and trying to find my way round.
sue xxxx

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