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Trying to shake off the cheat demons.


Mummy of 2!
PLease can someone give me a swift kick up the backside?:(

i have been having a nightmareish week. my daughter is suddenly going through a extremely clingey phase (i hope its a phase) and has gone from a brilliant happy baby to a screaming mess all day and several times a night.. my OH is being unsupportive refusing to help out when he gets home as he has been working hard all day and he refuses to get up in the night too. so i feel totally worn out and as a result on wednesday i cheated for the first time since starting CD. i was totally 100% on track, not even persuaded by food even in the first few hungry days. but now i cant stop nibbling. yesterday wasnt so bad as it was chicken slices but today after vowing to beat the demons i scoffed 2x bags of quavers and 3 hobnobs:(

i've just managed to get daughter down for a nap after 2 hours of constant screaming and i just feel like crying myself :cry:

to top off a sh*te week i've got a sh*te weekend coming up as being forced to go stay with the in laws and i cant bear them (although have to be nice to their faces). there is a big family meal tomorrow night, i asked my OH to request we go somewhere ''neutral'' like a harvester so i could pick at some salad if i really need to and also there will be something suitable for the baby to have for her dinner. So his dad goes and books a table for an indian meal?!:confused:

so we have to go and drive 3 hours to get there, only for them to all go out leaving me at home all evening with screaming child.....


i have tetras to take with me tomorrow, and i wont get any opportunity to cheat so im hoping by the time i get back on sunday night ill be back in the right frame of mind.

really sorry for the long moaning post, but really needed to get that off my chest. :cry:
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Poor you, sounds like you're having a really bad time of it! I can give you no better advice than what has already been said in the post 'Week 6 and struggling'. Have a look there for some great inspiriation, understanding and support.
my cdc said that there is one thing that you can eat that is SS+ at indian. I can't remember the name of it cos I hate indian, but it was chicken and started with a t!!! Don't know if that helps????
Sorry that you are having a tough time. I cheated on wednesday for the first time, and it has been a nightmare trying to get back on, so be kind to yourself!!! and keep sharing!
Bless you, hope little 'un gets better soon and give her Dad a kick as its his child too!!! Hugs xx
Sorry you're having such a tough time of it.
I would be inclined to tell him to go away for the weekend on his own and probably not very nicely either!


Mummy of 2!
thanks everyone. i was really feeling sorry for myself but felt much better after typing it all out. it stopped swirling around my head now:(


second time around
Its hard enough being on any diet let alone having a baby that cries alot, i feel for you as iv got four children and it can be very stressful.Try and be strong and use this site that's what its here for. GOOD LUCK FOR THE WEEK END.
So far you have done fantastically and your last 2 weeks results are great. It was only a little blip, you just need to get back on track tomorrow. I started on the same day as you and although I am not really hungry, I just really miss different tastes and textures. I have started on the bars once a day now, just for something to chew. Have you tried them yet? It might help. I cut the bar into small strips and then cut them in half - then I pop the bits in a bowl and pop it in a freezer for 20 mins of so. Oh the joy of chewing!!!!
My daughter also had a time when she turned into a difficult whinger for a while (it did not last for that long so do not worry). The only thing I found that helped was taking her for a walk - it helped my sanity to!
Take care this weekend.
Hope you get through the weekend OK.I have 5 girls, youngest is a 5 month old baby, so I totally understand how hard it can be.She's not the easiest of babies so I get a lot of stress.I would be tempted to not go at all to be honest,blame it on the baby {{{hugs}}}
thanks for the support everyone, really appreciate it:)

i have woken up with the flu today, i ache all over and my throat hurts so bad. so perhaps i have been coming down with it last few days and thats one reason i had so little willpower. Not going to use it as an excuse to binge though, just treating myself to a little bit of skimmed milk in my tea:eek:

still have to go to the in laws though or OH will take the baby on his own and i couldnt bear her being so far away from me overnight:eek:
The baby will be fine with her dad, and the in laws (they have bought up kids themselves!) Enjoy the rest, both you and the little one would benefit in the long run! I handed my son over at 7 months and it was a fabulous relaxing time for me. I needed the break, and it was good for my husband to take the reins for once.
I would too jump at the chance for hubby to take my children out for a bit haha

Hope your feeling better, keep popping paracetmol hun, you can get through this xxx

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