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Trying to start lipotrim

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Hello Im 24 years old and im 5'1ft and 11 stone my BMI is 29.4 which is obese. I signed up with my pharmacist on wednesday. I have tried since then to get on lipotrim but im finding it very hard to stay on diet. Believe me its not just this diet every diet I have tried I have failed. I just cant get motivated. Im gonna try again tomorrow.
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Hi hun.

No-one will say this diet is 'easy to stick to' but you will have the best results you've ever seen.

You need to be mentally prepared to do this, as with any other diet you can 'cheat' and make up for it later, with LT you need to stick to it 100%.

Just decide what's more important - food or being slim?
Once you're past the first 3 days it becomes far easier, as the hunger passes and you're into ketosis

Just read some of peoples signatures on here and look at their pic's - that was enough to convince me.

This is the only diet that truly works for me, as I can't 'just have...' and think I'll be good for the rest of the day/week etc.
And the results speak for themselves - I've already thrown out a bucket load of clothes and I've only done this for weeks!!

Good luck whatever you decide but if you carry on with LT - please come back for support - this site is fantastic for that x
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What i found helped me to start was to clear out the cupboards of all the goodies apart from my little girls snacks and food which i wouldnt ever eat. I am into week 3 now and dont get me wrong its not easy but once your past day 3/4 its gets easier! i still have cravings for food but when i do i get a glass of water or have a peppermint tea with a couple of sweetners i find that helps me and to keep very buys so u dont have time to think about food thats what i done anyways and im on day17 and so far 15lbs down!

Look at everyones signatures and see how well were all doing its helps to keep me motivated!

Best of luck what ever your choose to do.
kelly x


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Hi, Its not easy to forget about food especially at first but when you go to your weigh in youll be happy youve stuck to it. Iv tried loads of diets and never lost as much weight as this or lost it as quickly!! Good luck! Its a diet well worth sticking too!!
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as the others have said, it is really hard and you have to want it SOOO badly. clearing out cupboards is a good suggestion.

the first weigh in will probably be enough to keep you motivated - but until then you need distraction therapy!! busy yourself with everything you can and the time will pass.

once you're in the groove, the weeks fly by. i cant believe i've been on Lipotrim for over 6 months!



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You really need to be in the right 'head space' for this diet to work. The first time I went on LT I was totally gung-ho and thought it was the business. I came off, maintained for a few months then went back on to try to lose the last bit and it was a disaster. I'd gotten so 'used' to eating again it was a waste of time.
You need to be ready for a really tough few weeks, and you have to want to lose the weight once and for all more than anything else in your life. Thats the ONLY way it'll work.
Take time out. Theres no point in wasting your time. money & shakes trying day after day to start over. Take a while and try to focus on WHY you want to lose weight, how much you want to lose it, how hard it will be- and balance it out with the rewards.
It's pointless if you're not ready.

irish molly

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From what you have said, it just does not sound as if you have really committed to the idea of LT. I agree with Irish Mum, there is no point trying a sachet or two and packing it in. Have a long think about what it is you really want. There is no magic wand and no quick fix. losing weight will be the start, the real work will begin in keeping it off.
Set mini goals for yourself. Aim to not stop till you get through week one and then see how you feel. By the end of week one the hunger will have eased and you will have the buzz of your weigh in.
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It is very tough & you definitely need to be in the right frame of mind. Maybe this isn't the diet for you? I know the results are tempting because they're fast, but, not everyone is suited to this. But, think about why you want to do this & look at how well everyone's doing here!

I'd suggest taking one day at a time - each day you go will be an achievement. Maybe go for a walk when you feel the need to eat? I know at the beginning my dog got about three extra walks a day! & I promise, it gets much easier after the first few days, then a couple of weeks in you'll be sorted! Heh.

Good luck :)


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