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Trying to stick with sw with this pregnancy

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding' started by tabu, 3 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. tabu

    tabu Full Member


    5 weeks pregnant, and 3 stone over weight. Hoping to stick with sw through this pregnancy to avoid putting on excess weight like last time.

    Started the sw plan last Sunday stuck with it 100% till friday for 5 days, due to planned events knew the weekend would be off the plan. So weigh myself on Saturday morning and after 5 days I had lost 1.5lbs...

    Drawing a line under the weekend back on the plan as of today

    ps: doing sw from home
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  3. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    Thank goodness got past day one , which always a challenge for me

    b: weetbix ( hx b & hxa)
    L: Jacket with beans & cheese ( hxa)
    D: veg stirfry ( hxb for one table spoon of extra virgin olive oil)

    syns 15 ; made up of biscuits & chrisps
  4. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Hi ya, subscribing. Congratulations x
  5. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    Thank you x

    It still hasn't hit home though, that I am expecting
  6. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    havnt been on here to report my progress for the past few days ...
    but i have been sticking to the plan overall .However have been slipping up on my syns.

    todays intake:

    b: beans on toast (hxb) two boiled eggs
    L: None
    D: chicken liver (hxb for extra virgin olive oil) with cheesy mash ( hxa x 2) , half apple

    syns: think about 20 ( crisps, biscuits )

    worried about the lack of fruit I am having , need to focus on that --even though I hate it
  7. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    I am the same although my situation is complicated at the moment so maybe I'm just not letting it sink in until I find out what's happening
  8. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    Hopefully all will be well , but I can imagine that the waiting around must be hard. I don't even have any strong symptoms either so that's another contributing factor. I am in a very bad habit of coming down the steps running like mad ...and have to now keep reminding myself to stop doing that.
  9. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    Todays intake:

    B: none
    L: Beans on toast ( HXB)
    S: Crisps ( 5.5 syns)
    D: Chicken liver again ( think it might be a craving as having second night in a row) with roast potatoes, cheese salad ( hxa x 2)

    zero fruit intake again , and very little water ...need to focus on this

    will weigh myself again tomorrow even though it is day 5 as my weekends seem to be unpredictable food wise , but I will try to keep on track. If I weigh myself tomorrow I can see if there was any loss before the weekend damage
  10. tabu

    tabu Full Member

    Another pound loss and a terrible weekend foodwise. My weekends are always this way...I am just thinking its so hard to stick to the plan on weekends I might even consider following the plan 5 days a week and then having weekends off. At least that way I will be eatinng healthy majority of the week ,keeping excess weight gain to minimum.. will see.

    Todays intake

    B: None
    L: sw chips and salad
    s: banana
    d; sw kfc chicken ( hxb x 2 for breaded coating) and salad , apple

    syns have had none so far , no junk in the house so not sure what to use on

    hx a will have hot milk before I go to bed
  11. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

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