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Extra Easy Trying to take a new approach


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Hello peeps

I've decided as on Monday I'm going to give this plan an overhaul as I've slacked off big time and fed up. The thing I get funny about is alternatives such as pitta crisps or smash (we call it pretend food) to thicken sauces and generally just the food that make you feel like your having something your not. Soooooo my plan is to just eat as natural as I can, so a nice breakfast such as porridge that's easy and I don't have to faff with, salad for lunch or mug shot then a meat and vegetable/pasta dinner. Then use my syns on options and snack size choc in the evening.

I'm hoping it works and makes less thinking time about what I'm eating as to be quite honest I get fed up with thinking about the plan. So 1 hour at the weekend planning the next weeks meals and hopefully I stand a better chance of sticking at it. My worry now is that ill end up eating the same stuff all the time

I really want to stick at it but struggling to find my happy medium
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Hey, I'm no expert with 'pretend food' but just wanted to say that this could be a good idea because they are 'tweaks' and could affect your weight loss. I have the Cous Cous cake now and then but not very often.


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You don't need the pretend food anyway - it's there if you want it but not necessary at all! I don't like the idea of smash pizza etc either and everything I've tried which was a 'cheat' food was definitely lacking although it looked the part, the syn free pancakes being the worst. I'm not keen on pasta n sauce, etc either although I do keep mugshots in but I try not have them too often as they are full of crap really!

You don't have to eat convenience food or pretend food on SW, it's totally possible to eat clean or eat a more natural diet and do it to. Some people do SW eating clean, some do it without using sweeteners at all. As long as you stay within the guidelines you are free to play around and find what works. Being creative will also keep you interested for longer. Good luck! x


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There's also some lovely 'stodgy' foods that you can make for very low or free syns. I'm going to be having a few drinks later so had beans on toast (HEB) with dry-fried onions and weight watchers spread (1 syn) for breakfast and it was like having a proper 'per-drink' breakfast. Then I've got stew for lunch (completely free) and will be having spat Bol or chilli for tea (free again) and I'm fairly certain that it will fill the gap of the normal burgers, chips and fry ups that I have on days when I'm drinking.


I think it's a great idea! I have 4 young children, including a baby, and I cook the same food for all of us so that forces me to cook 'proper' healthy food. Slimming World is fantastic for this! Have you seen www.slimmingeats.com? There are some amazing recipes on there! We had a delicious Baked Tortilla Espagnol for lunch and I'm making a Lasagne for dinner. When I bake I do it the normal way (no sweetners!) and just have a little and count the syns. Good luck x


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Thanks for the support guys. I'm starting it tomorrow morning so I going to an the weeks meals today so there's no 'rush' excuse, need to plan it around my he's job too (I have gone from working at home to working in an office)

I think my head is in the right place to do it now :)


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Yep sounds like a good idea to me too. I can't be doing with 'pretend' food. I'm doing this because I want to change my eating habits, not going to do that if I'm obsessing over how to make pizza out I mashed potato.

I'm actually enjoying eating simple meat and veg meals and I know my body is benefitting.