Trying to work something out...

Hi! I am Jacqueline and I am new :D Hope everyone is well :)

Just a quick question. When I was on the Discovery Plan I was (generally) able to work out whether a meal was high in points or not without using the calculator just by looking at how high the sat fat was. But now that I am on the Pro Point Plan, obviously I need to work out which to look for now as I am not sure which it is, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me which one now I would be looking for the most? Is it the fat still?Is that the "killer" number or one of the other three? I know bringing the pp calculator would help, but for those days I forget it (and I generally do, even on the old plan!) I was wondering which one.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
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I think the "killer" number on PP is probably Carbs, although also, a quick guide to work out (very) rough points is to divide the calories by 40, so that can give you a wee idea too :)