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Tubbies Dukan Diary


This is day 1 of ATTACK! Im so excited :D:D

I thought it would be good to keep a diary of my progress in the hope that it would spur me on to continue in my quest to lose weight, and if it insipres others... bonus!!

So today for breakfast i attempted oatbran + water... vile vile vile! I wasnt very well prepared and didnt have any sweetener so in the bin it went. I opted for a fat free muller light which i have to say, was lovely. They are on offer in the supermarkets so i got a nice range. This one was vanilla with chocolate sprinkles.
I prepared some lunch to take to work. It was a bit of a seafood medley - 5 crab sticks, mussels and a slice of smoked salmon however i got peckish around 10.30am and ate it!!

I have just been on my lunch break and popped to the supermarket for a cooked chicken, fat free yog, eggs, sweetener, and i also picked up some quark (never tried quark!)
I quickly popped back home and poached an egg, sliced some chicken and chucked it in a tuppaware box to eat back at my desk. Ive just eaten it now... it was a bit bland and sickly however i will stick to it if it works!

For dinner, im thinking i will attempt a galette in order to get the oatbran in me today. Im not 100% sure of the recipe yet, but im sure i will find it on here somewhere. Can anyone tell me if the oatbran is sweet or savoury?

Also, as far as the fat free muller yogs go, how many can i have a day?

Water consumption hasnt been great so far. Ive had one small bottle (500mls) - working on my next bottle and have another sitting waiting to be drank!
How much am i supposed to drink daily?

I weighed in when i was at boots last friday... just to confirm that i really did need to lose weight - i was 11st 8lbs. Just popped back this afternoon to check again incase i have put on over the last few days but thankfully i havent.

I hate going to the gym so i feel like im going to struggle with the excercise part tonight. Once ive got on top of my housework i think i will have a drive to the coast and walk along the promenade :sigh:

Any advice is much appreciated!!

Tubz xx
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Not very good at this!
Hi and welcome.
Mullers are not suitable as they contain sugar. All the flavoured yoghurt contain sugar of some sort it seems so you are better off adding some sweetener to some natural yoghurt. There is a foolproof galette recipe on the recipe thread - you can have it sweet or savoury and you will also find muffin recipes on there. Careful of your crabstick consumption as there is a limit as they contain sugar. I don't eat them so I'm not sure - think it is 6 or 8 per day. Our FAQ thread is also well worth a visit.
Thanks for your reply, i will lay off the Mullers... even though i REALLY like them! As for the Galette, it was super tasty!! I didnt think i had got it right as it was quite runny... i was thinking 'this isnt going to solidify', but sure enough it did! Think i went to turn it a bit too early though as it was a bit floppy and split in half - however i still really enjoyed it, and that without putting any flavourings in! I didnt have anything else with it as was too hungry to wait around - i just sprinkled a little sweetener on the top and gobbled it up!

Again, another good day! So far ive only had 1ltr of water, im trying to reign it in a little today as i went a bit water mad yesterday afternoon trying to make up for my water consumption and spent the afternoon running back and forth to the toilet between refills!
I had a bit of a lie in this morning so didnt have time to make the galette again. I grabbed a 'natural' yog to have at my desk at work, and for lunch i've just had chicken and boiled egg again (need to use this cooked chicken up!)
I dont feel hungry, but i am craving naughty things... guess it just takes a few days to get over that (hopefully). I think once i see some results after the attack phase, i will be a lot happier mentally!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight, need to get that oatbran in me again! Im thinking lemon/herb prawns and making those muffins for desert!! How many muffins does the 1.5tbs oatbran make? :p


** Chief WITCH **
that would depend on the size of your muffin moulds, and how much mixture you put in ;)

Please lose those Mullers so that you're not tempted. Two flavours used to be allowed, so for heavy people they could still be fine, but you've little to lose and CHOCOLATE sprinkles are hardly Dukan friendly!!

I think you need to do a little meal planning, shopping and cooking this weekend (far better to cook a chicken yourself than have one which has been basted from a shop...) :D

Good luck!

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