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TUESDAY Evening Hour x Hour

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Ooops - no hourly thread!

So, I have just three things to say at the moment, and I hope they don't offend anyone.........


I dropped my bike tonight!!! :eek::mad::eek:

As I was leaving work, the security guard said to me, "Now, you be real careful on that bike Jan....OK?"

He NEVER says that. He always says, "Have fun!"

I KNEW he had jinxed me. I just KNEW it. I should have listened to my gut, and waited. When we know something - really know it - why do we ignore it!!!???

Anyway, the stupid thing about it was, I was not even riding!!!!!!! I had back paddled out of the shed, and saw two friends in the car park which distracted me. I didn;t look where I put my foot, and I put it into a pile of dead dry leaves, and my leg just slid out from under me, and right under the bike as all god knows how many pounds landed on my leg. My foot was trapped, and fortunately my friends saw and ran over to help otherwise I might still by lying there under all that metal! lol (Amazing thing was - this kid that got it off me, is no big guy, and he lifted a Harley off me! Now that, that was damn impressive!!)

I am fine, the important thing, save for a friction burn on my knee and a few bruises on my leg, a sore knee and ankle....but what is REALLY hurt is my pride!!!

M U P P E T!!!!!!!!!! :D lol What a dope!!!

I am so glad the carpark was virtually empty and only those two witnessed it. I forgot to threaten them with bodily harm if they tell anyone!! :rotflmao:

I bent my mirror, but fortunately didn;t BREAK the mirror, as I cannot afford 7 years bad luck (and I do believe that as it was once proven to me, year after year!! lol). Gouged some chrome, but spared the paint on the tank. Phew!

Got in, found that my new pretty shirt tails that hung below my jacket are grass stained as I landed in the planter!! :D

Oy. It's always bloomin somethin!

But hey - that's it - the first drop of the bike out of the way. You always wait for that day with some anxiety, and now it's done. :)

So that is how my day ended.

The rest of it was pretty good.

Hope everyone had a good day and a good evening ahead. :)

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Oh bum. Sorry today was your 'bike drop day' - but as you say, you've got it out of the way now, it won't happen again. Just glad you didn't hurt yourself too much and that there were people around to help you!


I'm going to be slim
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Pleased to hear you didn't do any major damage to you or her..They're a heavy bike to pick up I struggle with the frames once they start there's no stopping them I get bruising just riding the sportster from the battery box I look like I've been abused I've never had that on my brit bike

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
lol - no kidding. Its horrible, because its like a slow motion nightmare....I could see and feel she was going to go, but it was so slow!!! LOL.....I just felt a real muppet.

Just finished my incident report at work....the thing that realllly pisses me off, is last year I complained about the safety of the bike shed for a HD. There are split levels of pavement, different textures of pavement - some smooth, some very rough, there is a planter in the middle with no barrior so the ground is full of rocks, pebbles, dirt and debris, Its just down right unsafe.

We have a carpark for abou 900 cars. There are 600 employees. And despite my warning them last year, and my getting permission from my Managing Director which was overruled by some tw*t (soory) in Norwich, what I warned them would happen, did happen.

And they are just not inetersted. buggers.

See ya!

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