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Tuesday Hour by Hour!

Morning, Ive been up since 3.30am, just couldnt sleep.

Have had a banana tetra and 2pts of water.


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good morning ....i got up about 15 mins ago and have had a glass of water and nothing else as i also wait till about 1pm to have my first shake as evening time has always been a danger time for me too. haven a good day xxx:)


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Good morning! I'm also at work - been here since 7am.

1 shake & 2 litres of water down already. Have to have my water early so that i'm not up & down all night peeing!!! :)

Have a good day. xx
Back to Day 1 for me got my birthday this sunday and need to get back on the straight and narrow NOW!!!!!!!! Just starting on the water now. Good luck everyone.
Im on my 3rd pint.
cleaned the rabbits out and done 3 loads of washing, might get a coffee now.

keep glugging every1.xx


getting slimmer
your mad!!

i should be at work but i'm scive ing, gonna go tomoz insted, only clean a ladies house so not too important!!! its never dirty as she lives on her own.not like mine, football boots, LOADSA washing, etc!!

got another house to clean at 12 till 3 so gonna do that, and then working at an indian resturant to night.

everyones doing so well with there water already!!
ive only had half a shake made into porridge, better get a drink!

gonna go down the town before work as cooking everyone a real nice dinner - chinese pork chops, cheesey potatos, mushrooms, carrots and broc.
cant wait to be joining in with them!!

gemma - what you doing for your birthday? is it a biggy?

right i'm ff! still not dressed, its this bloody forum, i can never seem to get off it!!

have a good day everyone - be good!! xx
I thought I would struggle today with being up so early, I had my 1st tetra early and just had half a leek and pot soup so still have a choc tetra and half a soup left for the rest of the day, think that will be ok after all.

On my 4th pint.

How you all doing??
No not a biggy maria gonna be 24, don't really have anything planned as such apart from probably being far to drunk, gonna see if the boyfriend surprises me or not. At least its bank holiday weekend though so have got monday to recover.

Am starving at the moment think its only in my head though so am downing the water.


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Susan you are putting my to shame with the water, i've only had 1 pt today, better go and refill my glass. WI is Friday morning and I hope to have lost another lb by then and water is the way to do that.


A pound at a time
Ok, I've finally reached my water goal for today. Now only have to drink if I'm thirsty. I try to drink all that I have to early and chill on it in the evenings so I can sleep instead of camp out in the loo.


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Right i've just made my lunch, toffee and walnut shake, but the stick electric whisk thing isn't there (im at work) so had to use a whisk, definatly taste the difference. Got another pint too so can drink that over the next hour.
afternoon everyone, omg i went to fridge to get my tetra this morn and water...took a bit slug of the tetra as you do and guess what it was all curdled ewwwwwwwww well i never ran as quick to the sink uhhh now im going to be sipping every tetra from not on damm it anyway, i hope it was just that one that was of. there all in date. im doing really bad today with water :(

Afternoon everyone:)

I was really hacked off last night at wi - my scales have weighed exactly the same (sometimes 1lb difference) as my cdc's every week so this week I was all chuffed that my scales had moved down 4lbs...I get on all excited and STS:mad::mad::mad: for the FOURTH week running:mad::mad::mad: My cdc says that it will all probably show next week - when I got home I made hubby look at my weight and they still showed a 3lb loss.

I had been so good on 810 and really enjoying it - I'm just gonna chug on with it though and see if my scales go down any more (maybe take a piccie next week:rolleyes:)

Anyway I'm still on the straight & narrow - 3 litres & two shakes down already today.

Sorry for the whinge:cry:

Good luck to any losers with WI today.

Becky - sorry your tetra was yukky.

My cdc gave me the new strawberry tetra to try last night so I will have that later and let you know what its like.

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