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Stubborn tortoise
Hi Jessica, have a great day at work. I am feeling positive and focused today... got a ton of work to do, but after a few weeks of foggy-headedness I am feeling like I can do it. Let's hope that works for the diet too!!! Have had my porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon... and half a pint of herb tea... still thirsty, so about to make another. And the SUN IS SHINING!!!!!

Hope everyone else is in good fettle...



Loving losing
Have a good day at work all those who have to do that today...I still have the rest of the week off. The joys of working in a school office!! I feel for you all.
Woken up early really considering i don't need to but I was desperate to get on the scales - sad isn't it. Needed a boost after my slight blip on Sunday, but I was back to 100% yesterday and an excess of water and all going in the right direction but have to wait til Friday for weigh in No 2.
Gonna keep busy today with housework and encouraging my 16yr old to do some GCSE revision(Grrr!) and try not to sit at computer all day, tho it's so easy(and fun) just to keep following threads on here!
Have a briliant day all and good luck everyone who is starting today and if it is your WI day, just breathe in and keep your fingers crossed...
Morning girls,

My little girl had me up at 7am this morning considering she has no playschool is madness! im wrecked and it on 8.50am :( on day 2 today need all the kicks and vibes i can get!

Best of luck to everyone who has wi's :)

Becky x


Def wants to be slim!!!
Good Morning!
Day 1 for me... Off up to London with the kids busy day starts as of now xx xx
Morning lovely people :)

Hope you are all well and heading for a wonderful 100% day :D

Black cloud has lifted with the arrival of beautiful sunshine here (shame I'm at work though :()
WI this evening and I need to have lost at least a pound to hit the 2 stone mark *fingers and toes crossed*

Annie x


Stubborn tortoise
Good luck with weigh in Lazy... you can do it!



Loving losing
Oh dear, two hours since my last post and i am still on the computer browsing threads!!! It's so addictive but so inspiring.(I have got up now though!)Loving being on holiday...
Just had a yummy capuccino shake and on second bottle(75cl) of water and feeling positive.
Waiting for the Tesco man to bring food for the family as couldn't face supermarket today with all its temptations. Will go and do ironing instead and enjoy daytime TV.
How's everyone feeling today?
Morning everyone.

I'm on Day 2 (again). Decided to just write last week off as a (very) bad job and started again yesterday. No picking at little bits, no drinking stuff I shouldn't, no chewing gum, and drinking plenty of water.

Good luck to all those who have weigh ins an those trying to stick to it 100% xxx


Stubborn tortoise
Go for it, Katie... it's actually EASIER to be 100% as the picking is addictive... stay strong and pretty soon you'll be safely in the ketosis SS zone! Hang on in there Ibiza, you are doing great... I'm hungry today so had my shake early, still have a bar to looks forward to later, and right now I am chain drinking coffees...



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Hey all

My 1st day in !! so positive atm !! not even feeling hungry if anything im feeling bloated!!

good luck to all the other new starters out there!!




Say it in Dr Evil style!!
your be right here with us paula xx isnt this so exciting ;-)


Silver Member
Morning all, oh it's afternoon now, where's the morning gone?! off to my mum in laws later, but not for food so that's good.Aaaah-have just found where hubby keeps his biscuits! :( Just in the drawer beside my leg. must go and find something to do! good luck to all those with WI today and to all for a 100% day.x


Cambridge Consultant
Morning all.
Ok so its now afternoon .
Hope everyone is good today and having a 100% day...
Im working today. I usually do mondays and tuesdays but this week just 1 day. yippeee.....
I am off to the docs tonight. I have a gum infection...... I think Im lacking something I must be there so bad.... Has anyone else suffered with anything like this....
I have weigh in tomorrow. so hoping for a few more pounds off.. Cant believe I will be starting week 10 tomorrow . OMG!! time definatley flies..

Have a good day everyone xx


Stubborn tortoise
Keep going Mojo & good luck for tomorrow, Abfab. Angela, eek, those biccies would have sent me into a panic! Stay strong! You have done brilliantly so far Curly so good luck for weigh in tomorrow... mine isn't till thursday, but SOOOOO hoping for a loss again.

Hey everyone!

100% again today.. had my porridge and just made my SS+ lunch - a weird version of cauliflower cheese with chopped up cauliflower and cottage cheese. it was "interesting"!

There is still Easter Eggs lying about the office which is not good. And Im still craving choccy badly! Long day as well today as working tonight, so not home till half 11. Boooo!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
can i split my choco tetra in to 2 separate portions?..

So far today i have had

11am strawberry silk tetra.....
3 oclock chicken and mushroom soup
6.30 half a tera choco made into hot choc
9pm the other half in a hot choc

u reckon thats ok ?


Stubborn tortoise
Yep, totally OK... whatever works for you. Splitting packs/tetras is a great way to keep hunger pangs at bay!


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