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Tuesday Hour X Hour

Morning all!

Well, it's back to work for me this week. :(


I sometimes wonder fwhy I take a holiday - its so awful when you have to go back.!! lol But only 53 days till I jet off home to Sunny California for a long break!

Feeling very tired this morning. No doubt due to the above. It's funny, I can wake at the crack of dawn, bright eyes and bushy tailed on a day off - but come a work day and I feel I could sleep for England!! lol

I realised, I got my book out and noticed the numbers weren't adding up right - so I recalculated everything, and I had short-changed myself a couple of pounds, so I am now actually 1.1 pounds away from 50 pounds - which is a major milestone for me! I used to dream, "If only I could just lose 50 pounds - just 50" and I never thoght I could. BONSUS!! And to realise I have (weel-by next Monday anyway :D) and that I still have the drive to do so much more - its just astounding!!! Love love LOVE this diet!!! :D

Hope everyone has a good day, and Katie - have fun picking up your bike!! Gonna have a wee ride this evening? :) Mine is still in pieces in the garage :(

See you laters!

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LOL what are you like with your maths - you keep shortchanging yourself mrs!!!! Need to get you a calculator to help keep track of where you are.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll get the bike today, one place I went to said that if I bought it today I could pick it up Saturday so I'm just working on this place being the same - be bloody good if it's not though!

Yep sadly it's that back to work time for me, I feel much the same as you and I've only been off for 4 days LOL.

Hope everyone has a good day and good luck to all with weigh ins!
heheh - I know Katie - I should just hand everything over to my OH when I get home from class and let him do the calculations for me!! lol Oh well....make a nice surprise when I recognised it - at least it wasn't the other way around!!

Ohhh, I do hope you get your bike soon - waiting is agony - but a pleasant agony!!!

Good luck back at work. I suspsect I will be busy catching up so may not get back on here till tonite.

See you!!



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Morning peeps.

Have decided that I love my daily weigh in on the scales in my bathroom and hate the scales at WI. I weigh myself every morning, and log the loss (or if I've stayed the same which is more often than not) on my little spreadsheet. My weight fluctuates by 5lb during the course of the day, I know this because I weigh myself when I get home from WI to see if my scales read the same - they do! But at the moment, I am 8lb lighter than I was at the official weigh in on Thursday which means I am 1lb short of my half way mark. So that's 38lb lost in 5 and a half weeks. What gets me with this diet, is the scales don't move for 4 days and then overnight, 3lb gone!! Wonder if it has got something to do with me going to the gym yesterday??????? I am so going back tonight.

Anyways, have a good day at work and Ladylite, hope the MoT goes well. Drive safely.


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Morning everyone. Hey Corey, I do the same, glad that someone else does. I have a spreahseet with my daily weigh so I can see the weight going down....I've also got a graph on it, where I have also plotted a chart of what would have happened if I'd been on a diet loosing, 2lbs a week, or 1lbs a (ie, being v strict on WW) and the LL looses and predicted losses, so I can see how well I'm doing and how much quicker this way would be. It's really inspiring me to keep at it! My evening WI is very sporadic, sometimes I loose nothing, other times about 7lbs, I think that it's all down to how much I drink during the day and also I never seem to time the washing of my wardrobe to have the same clothes clean! I don't really worry too much about the offical WI...just go on my scales, think that my LLC thinks that I'm mad, not that I really care, don't care for her much either!


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After 5 glorious days at home, being back in the office is no fun.
No weigh in this week it would have been last night but everyone was away so we did not do it. On my scale though I am only 2lbs down :confused: oh well its better than 2 on. Maybe because I really did not drink as much water as I should have.

Have a good day everyone.


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morning everyone, I'm a lucky one... I don't go back to work til tomorrow :D (sorry!!lol)
I'm going up the hospital today to see Tahlia and her mum again, didn't stay long yesterday as obviously the whole family turned up at once lol... Tahlia has a possible fractured skull due to the forceps but she was responsive and seemed happy enough so we don't think theres too much to worry about, just gotta treat her gently (which we would anyway)... then later it's weigh in ... hoping to get under the 18 stone mark tonight (was 18st 1lb last week)...fingers crossed, should get there though as I haven't been weighed for 8 days :D
Hope everyone has a happy and healthy day :D
Well, back to work with a bang! Apparently over the weekend the phone lines were down, so we have been swamped with new claims today - not a moments peace!! Ugh.

I did findout something interesting today though - with regards to my neck. The whole week I was home, it ached - but was tolerable. Within one hour at work, I was in agony. So there is obviously a problem with my chair and my set up. I am speaking to my manager later about a whole ergonomic evaluation and a new decent chair. This last week was the first break I have had from work since the onset of the pain last April. So it never occured to me work might have been aggravating it, but theres the proof. Fingers crossed they can sort it quickly!!

Otehr then that - just a very cold horrible day down here. Roll on 4pm where I can get a nice hot water bottle on me!!


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Kate, my spreadsheet has the same - I've got the LL predicted loss, my predicted loss, accumulated loss as well as what my weight is now - my chart has so many lines on it, I can't make head nor tails of it - so I just look at the data - it is quiet inspirational.

It dawned on me on my way to work that I had done my math wrong - only have half a pound till I am half way through - but it's starting to bug me that I am 2st10 down and still not seeing a major drop in trouser size!! It had better come soon, or i'll be looking for the lyposuction attachment for my hoover!!


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:D Corey that did make me smile. I can picture you now with the hoover!

I think it depends from person to person the drop in clothes sizes. Hang in there it will happen.

This work lark is for the birds I think once I am in my new slinky body I need to find myself a sugar daddy.
Afternoon everyone, bloody depressed the lorry failed on one tiny stupid little thing, the bulb in the speedometer didnt work xz!!S!!Z. Oh well I just need to get the little bloodly light fixed:mad: and then have to take it again and they will just test the light. I suppose I should look on the bright side in that everything else past and putting a bulb in is not the end of the world. Well it wouldnt be if I could just get hold of the mechanic who serviced it but he has vanished from the face of the earth. Keep Calllllmmmmmm!!!!!:D

Well I am at work now:sigh::sigh::sigh:, will need to make up the hours missed:(:(:(:(. Left hubbie trying to contact the disappearing mechanic.;)

Really trying to get the water up now as I didnt wanna drink too much driving lorry to Southampton and back 2.5 hour round trip. God hasn't diesel gone up, I used to fill up the lorry with max £90 but today it went to £119 and was still going so I stopped in case my card went Buzzzzzzz when it went through the machine.;)

Well hope everyone has a good weigh, hopeful might get on again later boss out at mo. Good luck on WI and Bex hope your neice is OK.

:):):):):):)COME ON EVERYONE SMILE:):):):):):):)
Lady - I am just wondering, if it was just a builb - why didn;t they just replace it for you and pass the MOT??? Seems an awfullly long drive, lots of petrol, etc., to go all the way home to replace a bulb, then go alll the way back to S'Hampton for them to check it off???

What a pain in the caboose!!!!

Good luck at work - bummer you have to make up time. :(


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Corey did you get the graphing to work properly in excel?

If so please can I have a copy to save me making one myself (I did try but gave up after a while as I could'nt get the date axis to work properly)

Lady - I am just wondering, if it was just a builb - why didn;t they just replace it for you and pass the MOT??? Seems an awfullly long drive, lots of petrol, etc., to go all the way home to replace a bulb, then go alll the way back to S'Hampton for them to check it off???

What a pain in the caboose!!!!
Well you know jobsworth etc, they are not allowed to as theY work for VOSA (Vehicle Operating Standards Agency - or something like that) they are not a garage just an HGV testing station. Anyway I can have a re test in Newbury which is local to me and it will only take 15 mins as they just test the light.

Horay just heard from hubbie, tracked mechanic down and he is putting bulb in on his way home tonight (evidently you have to have a special key to get behind it because it is a tachometer as well:confused:) So should be fixed tonight and retested tomoz -FINGERS CROSSED.


:eek:I am watching youuuuuuu:eek:


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Hi Mike - as you know I used to be an IT teacher - of course I got the graph to work. Send me a PM with your email address and I will email a copy over for you. If there is anything else you want on it - let me know and I can put that on for you also. C U on Thursday.


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Just got back from the dentist - I've had 2 fillings for 25 years and 1 for 10 years, and all three need replacing - I'm gutted - those two oldies are almost antiques!! I was going to take them to the Antiques Roadshow next time it was in the area!! Now I've got to cough up with just over 200 quid to have them replaced. Oh joy, more time in the dentists chair - and I hate bloomin dentists! Although that said the last two I've had were serious eye candy and wouldn't have said no to a check up every other day! (every day would have been pure greed!!)


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:rotflmao: You are funny BL.

I wish it was NHS - you'll be lucky to find an NHS dentist these days. I go the Dental Clinic which is a side line from Optical Express. I pay £12.50 a month membership which gets me two free checkups and one hygenist visit per year, and 15% off treatment. If I wasn't signed up to that program, it would have cost me £358 for the fillings, instead of £219.30. So happy I joined with days like today!!

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