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**Tuesday hour x hour**

I've painted my nails and need to wait for an hour until I have my choc shake!!! do the tetra's taste like they're made with longlife milk?
Haven't tried one yet, make up choc shake with nearly a pint of water so it lasts a bit longer.
Keep going
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Hi Percy. What colour are your nails? I'm not sure how to describe the tetras, I think they're alright, bit of an aftertaste but it fades.

Had first half litre, aiming for 3L.

I feel terrible today - sore throat, sinus ache and all blocked up! Am at work til 6 and just wanna curl up in bed! :character00264:

1 pint down so far!

I had a manicure on friday so my nails are lurvely, shiny bright red! Vampy!
morning girls, been up since 7.30 omg sooo tired was in bed 11.30 last night and im still tired!! bf had to leave for work early and sophie heard him trying to creep down the stairs and woke so she wanted to get up then! gonna be a long day but might fit in more water!! after getting a fab pair of jeans of ebay, gonna try them on now hope they fit!!!
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Hi girls.

I made a list of 7 short term goals and 7 long term goals. It was good to see it written down. I am going to read it every day. Keep me focussed, hopefully. Need to get a move on with water, still only half litre drank lol.
Nails are a beautiful deep red. Although I'm down as Percy Greenfingers, that's my gardening name as I have an allotment, real name Mandy. So nail painting is ok. Now had my shake and just about to start work. I work from home too, but buy snacks and stuff I don't like for the boys. Only downfall is wine.....
Keep going everyone.
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thats a great idea lyn, you should stick a few in your sig then you can mark them of when complete!! :)
I was thinking that myself Becky. Good idea. I am well into first litre now. Had two coffees as well. Have fessed-up in my diary to my 'moments of madness' shall we say and I am ready to deal with any cravings positively.
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good morning all im stuck at work from 9-5 boring, had my first strawberry shake and 1 pint water starting the second now enjoy your days x
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Am sat with a yummy veg soup now. Gonna put some summer berries flavour into water, give it a bit of a kick. :)
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Morning all, Im on my 3 or 4th?? pint of water and had a couple of coffees with some choc tetra in.

How are you all today??

By the looks of the post there are going to be a few cd babies around next year ( i hope its not catching lol ).

Good luck every1.xx


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Morning (just) all!

Been at work since 7.30am up since 6am as I had to go to mums for a shower etc as I have no bathroom at the moment. Only just made it there this morning to use the loo. Nearly pee'd my pants!!! :eek:

Really busy this morning at work so have only managed 1 1/2 litres of water but have also had 2 mugs of white tea.

Will have my 2nd shake around 1pm-ish.

Hope everyone has a good day. :D xx

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