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**Tuesday hour x hour**

morning gang

off to work now, got a long and hard day,
then i've got an apt with my leader at 4.30

hope you all have a good day, and keep glugging the water.


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hey guys. i'm a bit down today as i've realised i can't go and see my cdc tonight as planned because i'm working until 11pm. why on earth i didn't realise this sooner i don't know. in fact as soon as i realised i had a vague notion that maybe i did realise before and then promptly forgot. so i'm not a happy bunny. waiting until a decent hour to text her to apologise and arrange to get some packs off her as i'm running very low... :S

abz xx
Morning girls, ive had no water or porridge yet as its school run so will do it when i get back, will uopdate later on whats happening on day 5!!!
hi - in at work at 8am. before then i had managed a litre and half of water and a leek and pot soup (which VERY nearly made me be sick). at my desk i am close to polishing off another litre and then will have my red bush tea. headache not as banging as yesterday and no hunger at all. i too have emailed my CDC asking if i can swap soups (again) as they are making me gag. wish me luck!
Morning girls, back from school run and having first pint, got a stinking headache though and have done for the last couple of days - anyone shed some light? POAS this morning and its pink and reading in the 40s. So all good so far, really happy as its taken quite a while to get back into gear.


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Good morning ladies, how is everyone today?

I've already had 2 litres of water & a choc shake for breakfast.

I have been feeling soooo tired for the last few weeks - wish it would go away.

Hope everyone has a good day.



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Morning everyone. Am really tired this morning. Have been taking hubby to the station in the mornings getting up at 5.30! The doing a few bits before getting the kids sorted and off to school. Then off to work myself. By the time I have ferried the kids around after school made dinner and picked hubby up from station Im knackered and its time to start all over again!:jelous:
Morning everyone.
Feeling very headachy today seen as I fell off the wagon at the weekend so I am not longer in ketosis!

But..... a bar down and also 2 and a half litres of water down (trying to flush the headache away!) and am looking forward to a visit from the pink keto fairy in the next few days!


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Hi everyone. I have had a liter and a half and half my shakes for the day. I think I will end up going to bed very early tonight because I feel hungry today.
Thats exactly what i did last night hun, had a lovely lavender bath and went straight to bed - did me the world of good. Are you in ketosis yet mate?was just wondering why you had the dreaded munchies!
Almost 2 litres of water down and a strawberry tetra.

I'm sat at work covering a reception desk because someone is off and a student has just had a massive bouquet of pink and red roses delivered.
NO Fair, I want some flowers. Booo-hoooo!
Hey girls, im on 2nd bow of porridge and really needed it, was starving! had 3 pints so far, really want to get another 3 down as I said to myself i need 6 pints a day!
5 pints of water a chicken and mush soup and a choc tetra down so far, I am soooooooo tierd and dizzy today, never mind blood tests tomorrow and results on monday we will see what they have to say.xx

Have a good rest of the day every1.xx


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hi everyone!

just had another awful day at work!!! grrrr!

1.5l down and aiming to get another 1l in before i go to Jazzercise at 6:30pm. i'm bricking it as it's my first time! scared i will be the fattest person there!!!

had one tetra and going to take another with me to have afterwards x


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hey guys. well my cdc agreed to see me tomorrow night instead so i'm off to get weighed and measured :) looking forward to having a bit more variety. i ran out of interesting things. think i'm just going to get two weeks worth of bars and porridge and chocolate shakes to be honest, ha. seems like a good plan to me :)

abz xx


always lurkin around!
hi guys on day 5 of restart and goin well a porridge down 3 pints of water and 3 coffees.. now let me say i tried the porridge twice b4 and i hated it!! so i thought ill give it 1 last go ..like u do and made it with slightly more water than it says and nuked it in the micro then i added 1 tablespoon of choc shake and put it in the blender(pain in the bum 2 clean might i add) and WOW it was ok didnt taste of choc at all which suprised me but was not bad at all ...so very happy bout that:bliss:
ooooo abz just noticed your eggs have hatched congratulations.xx

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