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Tuesday... let's do it by the hour

Morning all,

Yes, beautiful bright sunny and frosty day here in Berkshire, just what the Doctors ordered.

I bought another bag of goodies to take into the Charity Shop today and was worried it was a bit heavy to carry to town, approx 8/10mins away. So I weighed it, it weighed 8 1/2lbs.

:eek: Cant believe that I carried nearly 3 times that amount about. Made me feel really good this morning but also made me wonder how on earth I managed it. No wonder I was tired :eek:

1 litre down already.
Im on day four now and hoping that I am half way through "climbing that wall"
I had such a hard day yesterday- Had to do some filming with my 2 guy friends (im a journalism student) and as it was day 3 think I just started to go through Ketosis. My head was pounding(tbh it still is) I was dizzy and felt like I was going to vomit. Couldnt get much water down as we was on the motorway for 2 hours and didnt want to risk having an accident lol!!
Dont worry I mnaged the four litres in the end. So my friends then went to Mcdonalds (after eating crap allll day) and got 3 cheeseburgers each and I sat and watched them with a black Coffee. Bearing in mind I had a shake at 7am and didnt get another one down till 6.30pm!
Dont get me wrong I wasnt tempted by the food, just annoyed at their ignorance I suppose.
I went outside and phoned my boyfriend and had a good cry and he was as supportive as he always is which made it better!
I guess what Im trying to say is- If I can get through day 3 like that- I think we can all get Through anything!

Have a good day guys- hope its better that mine was yesterday!!

Kellie xxxxxxxx
Good on you Kellie.

As you have probably read a 1000 times it does get easier. I remember when I started one of the symtoms was ANGER with other people eating in front of me. No one told me about that. You did really well to sit through Cheeseburgers.

Give yourself a very bit pat on the back.
Morning ladies!!

Glad everyone is doing well! And good on ya Kellie!!

Other people I think just don;t grasp how hard it can to diet. My husband who is completely supportive, makes some real faux pas sometimes, bless him. I do get annoyed, but try to explain how sometimes it is better to keep quiet.

Foe example, he called me the other day and said he would get dinner on the road. I said fine. He came in and proceeded to tell me what burger he had, and what new burgers were on the menu!!! I reminded him, as gently as I could, That I really did not want to know!

Then, one night i was making crisps - he walked in the kitchen and said, "eeergh....that smells HORRIBLE!!".....I let him now that's not being supportive. Regardless of the smell (and they do smell bad when cooking for some reason)...I adv it would have been better if he kept his comments to himself.

But watching other people eat is something we are just going to have to get used to, unless we plan to recluse for however many months we do this. So, each time should get easier as our resolve will be getting stronger.

Evertime I see someone eating something I could really fancy, I put it on my list for "after June." But I bet by June, I won't even want those things!! lol

Well, I am just finishing up my first litre. Not sure what packs to have today or when. So many decisions!!!

<waves> see ya later!
Morning everyone.

Could not sleep last night so got up at 1 am and had a pint of water and surfed the net for a while. Mainly reading gossip sites. Aren't The Olsen twins odd looking :D
It also occurred to me - I will never see 14 stones on the scales ever again! How odd is that.

Frosty here which is better than rain - the earth here is sodden.

Just off to brew a redbush and get a water.

Then I need to crack on with some work.

Happy day to everyone!


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Morning all,
Nice to see we are feeling pretty good today. Lets hope it stays that way. I am alittle tired the latte I had late yesterday afternoon obviously kept me awake. I am very sensitive to caffiene so can only have it in the morning. Other than alittle tired I am bright eyed and bushy tailed and can also say I will never ever ever see 17 stone again.
And in response to BL - my hubbie often says "What do we need shopping?" and I respond "I have no idea what YOU need but I need nothing" and give him withering look #3.

When he said the same about dinner (I still cook) he got look #1 and has never asked again ;)
Morning Guys!

On my 2nd Litre.......... feeling tired today for some reason!!!! havent brought any packs with me today to work... just my 4litres of water to do........... I wqas thinking of maybe uping my water intake too... so may try 5-6 litres........

See I am different in the food thing I love cooking and buying for everyone...... at 7 this morning i was making a beef casorole for hubby and son! put it in slow cooker! and came to work!!! mind you have made enough to feed the five thousand!
I just made something new!! I shall call it "Berrylicious Chocolate Muffin"! :D

I amde a choco muffin with 2/3 a pack, and made "icing" with the remainder, putting some Frutis of the Forest flavouring in the frosing!

It was scrummy!! The berry taste was really nice!!!

Need to get going with my water though - falling behind!

I am really busy at work not read the threads below properly. Someone must of told them I was bored and thinking of leaving. Whey hey enjoying it now. Catch up with you all later.

WI tonight.
I really need to eat now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stressed out and want to scream but i can hear all the bad food calling me just to make me feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tried water and more water not worked so instead thought i would come on her see if soem one could help!!!!!!!!!


Happily pro pointing!
The week is feeling a bit long for me this week, I used to WI on a Wednesday but I am starting the development class this week and it is on Thursday, I know it is only one day, but I like my routine, AND I have had to change all the dates on my spreadsheet :D (sad I know :rolleyes:)

A few weeks ago I was praying to see 13s again, then 12s, then 11s, now my aim is to never see any of them again. Totally bonkers!
According to said spreadsheet, if all goes to plan it will be valentines day when the 11s are banished from my life.

So far today, 1 latte, 1 peppermint tea and 2.5L. So doing OK.
I have discovered, since changing the muffin recipe to the way DebG does them, they are a little too nice :D amazing what a little extra water can do!


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Toffee Bar

Hi All,

How can ones mood change so suddenly. I had my first bar this afternoon a toffee one. Yuck yuck yuck how vile is it!!! And since then I have been feeling so sorry for myself. And I have just realised that this feeling sorry for myself feeling is when I most want to eat. Oh I could murder just about anything. :cry:
Am I the only one that sits here wondering if I can really do this will I really be able to control myself for 100 whole days.

Sorry to be a sad sack.
Hi ladies. SOrry you are having a tough time Tange and Mandy. I don;t know if it's any help, but they way I am getting through this, and hope to get all the way thru to the end, is by SHEER positive thinking and newly found will power! It is hard, but Not making it is not an option. Full stop. I love all the packets. Full stop. Water tastes good. Full Stop. These are all things I say to myself every single day. I simply will not allow myself to have doubt. Every single day, I look in the mirror and say I WILL DO THIS. I fully believe that is what is making it easy for me. There simply is no questioning or no struggling allowed.

Its early days and I hope to carry this resolve all the way through. Its not easy - but the mind is a very very powerful tool.

Of course I would like to sink my teeth in to something lovely. But, if I start to feel that way, I just tell myself - I have already tasted 'whatever' so many times in the past. If I eat it today it will taste no different then those times before. And I will eat it again in a short time. A few months sacrifice, is worth more the what anything tastes like if it gets me healthy and attractive and happy...

That's how I get through it. And it seems to be working. I have never felt so committed to any other program in my life, and this is by far the hardest one I have done, so it is interesting i find it easier. I feel in my bones, that this is the time I will be successfult. And I am 110 %determined not to let anything sway me.

When I look at why I feel differently on this plan, which is by far harder then any other I have done....the only think I can attribute it to is the constant affirmation in my mind the I WILL DO THIS. Again, Failure, is not an option.

If I start to feel hungry, I slam some water. If that doesn;t work, I will go have a warm saok in the tub. You just need to find something to take your mind of it.

But honestly, I think the secret is getting your head wrapped around this so tihgt that the only way out is success.

I hope that helps. It's not easy - but we can do ANYTHING we put our minds too, if we want to bad enough.

Just remember - what does not kill us, makes us stronger.

YOU CAN DO IT!! I know you can!!! XXXXX
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Hi All,

How can ones mood change so suddenly. I had my first bar this afternoon a toffee one. Yuck yuck yuck how vile is it!!! And since then I have been feeling so sorry for myself. And I have just realised that this feeling sorry for myself feeling is when I most want to eat. Oh I could murder just about anything. :cry:
Am I the only one that sits here wondering if I can really do this will I really be able to control myself for 100 whole days.

Sorry to be a sad sack.
You are not alone, I think most people feel like that at the beginning. I think most of us said to ourselves, give it a few weeks and see.
The toffee bar makes me gag and I felt really sick for ages after eating it, it is disgusting! I can eat it if made into biscuits at a push, but I would give it a miss personally.
The lemon is nice made into biscuits and the only other one I like is the 'new' crispy peanut. A lot of people like the 'new' cranberry one too, it wasn't for me, but is nicer than the toffee.
Yes, I agree ALi - but I like the cranberry one too - but the peanut one is by far my favourit.

There is something about the texture of the others I am not super crazy about - they are OK, but I prefer the others.

I am going to try the lemon biscuits tonight!

Hope your week picks up momentum!!!

Oh, another thing that I find helps alot between packets when that evil temptation might flare its head, and that is a cup of Marigold.....just that slightly savoury flavour seems to satisfy me enough to get my mind of anything I cam craving! SO that might help too!!

<<hugs>> stick to it - its early days, and will get easier!!! X
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Thanks BL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words of encouragment......... means alot!!! it is great how you can think so positively!

I am fien until something goes wrong or i get stressed then no matter what i say that chatterbox comes into my head and WHAM...... positivety goes out of the window!!!!!!!

See like today I was really trying to be positive after my weigh in yesterday have all the water on my desk....... thinking i have alot to look forward to. my 10th Wedding Anniversary... My dad hopefully moving closer......

Then Wham somethign goes awray and thats it i am down again.........

But I am goign to try and be positive.. and say what you say to yourself.....

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