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TUESDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Morning all,

Freezing here, my little ears, fingers and toes were dropping off when I came in from the horses this morning.

Finding it hard to smile today so have got to do my usual grinning trick and see what transpires.

Had a chocolate already this morning, as I was hungry so now need to top up with water.

Hope all you peeps are well:)
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well its a day of clearing out the house again for me. My H and i are taking all the rubbish to the dump and bringing all the tiles up out of the car ready for the builders to start tomorrow (fingers crossed and all taht)
I have already had 2 packs today as have had problems with my card getting declined and having to go through numerous people at hsbc to get it all sorted out. THankfully its all ok now, so need to keep myself busy till about 3pm before i eat again.
Have a great day everyone
Morning All, tell me about it, it is sooooooo cold! :eek:.

Back to work, Have had 0.5 litres so far. Didn't do any exercises last night, after overdoing it on Sunday night, so will do some again either tonight or tomorrow now. Will start off with 3 times a week.

LadyLite I like all your games :)
It's cold here too...so cold I didn't go to the gym this morning so will have to go tonight.

I like to go when my husband is eating so I don't have to be there to watch. Last night he was eating and he caught me longingly gazing at his fork!
Well I am to 2.5 litres now and in a mo going out for my lunch time walk to town.

Will have a nice chilli soup when I get back to warm me up.
Hi peeps. Well, last night was a bit of a bummer, but today, I am well and truly down. Its not about me, but maybe someone has some advice.

My best mate at work, Kathy,....herhusband has diabetes. He has had it for awhile, but in the last year his vision began to be affected. They did surgery last year to 'restore' it. It didn't go so well. And today, he has woken up completely and permenently blind. I am gutted for them. And Kathy was here, beside herself...she's home now with him....but ....their lives have just changed, irrevocably, overnight. She is sad and she is scared. And I feel that for her and him too. Its just awful.

Does anyone know any services either by the NHS or anyone, that offer assistance to people such as them? How to prepare yourhouse - how to learn to get around - so many things they need to know. I feel so helpless, I feel all I can do is try and gather a bit of information. SO just wondered if anyone here has ever dealt with or are dealing with this now. Where can they go for help??

It's a very sad day here at work today. :(


Thanks Mandee. I just feel so awful for them. Thoughts keep going through my head, about how much things are going to change - how their roles are going to change...and I just couldn;t imagine coping.

It's normal to go through life taking things for granted - we all do it. But when something like this happens it sure does make you stop and take stock in just how much good there is in your life...when you see what others face.

I'm sorry to hear of your friends sad news. It is devastating to lose your sight.

It varies from area to area, but one thing That I am almost certain that he must do, is to go on the blind register, thats one thing that his hospital consultant can do. Once he does that then so many doors are open, but he must be registered. His GP District nurses or health visitors will have a list of services available locally, but so will the Hospital optical unit. He can get help from occupational health people also, who will come to the house to assess his needs, and I should imagine that things such as handrails etc would be fitted free of charge.
So so sorry to hear about your friends husband BL. That is devasting news, may things improve for them in the future. My prays will be with them. So sorry once again, that is soooo sad, as brought a tear or two to my eyes :(
Oh Dear BL what can I say, there is not a lot really except that I am incredibly sorry for both of them.

This kinder puts things into perspective doesnt it? Sending them all my love and wishes for the future.

You could try the NHS website, they may have all sorts of links on there.

Good luck honey.
Action for Blind People i don't know if this is of any help? But definitely the local hospital should arrange for OT visits for the home though there does tend to be long waiting lists. i would advise to find out what blind charities there are in the area (there should be some) and they will often do battle on your behalf to get all the extra support that they may need!! Stay strong xxx
Sorry to hear that, BL. My late father had diabetes and went blind. This was in the US, though. He was in a program to train and help him do things after becoming blind. He had to stop working for 911 but did get a job at the library.

Ok, self pity party below...

I'm having a bad day. Trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about food. It's so hard when you have others you have to make food for. Dinner time is the worst! Then, I start thinking I'm barely into Week 2...how on earth will I manage to do this another 90+ days. I remember thinking before I started LL, how I was looking forward to it. I have a love hate relationship with food. Sometimes I would eat so much and I'd think how lovely it would be not to have to eat. Now I'm here longing for it. I'm hoping when the counselling really starts getting more intense, maybe it will get better? We've haven't done much yet...really just getting to know each other mainly...and setting goals.

That's another thing. I don't have any real set goals other than I want to lose the weight. I wish I had something that would keep me on track. If it was as easy as "I want to lose weight," I would have lost it ages ago. I may be going home for Christmas so I guess it would be nice to be thin by then. But, how is that really a goal? In the end, I need to want to do this for myself and not to show other people.

ANYWAY, I keep saying "You're a strong person. You can do this. Don't give up!" to myself. Ugh! Did anyone else struggle like this?!? :(

Other than all that, I've got PMS. My kids are probably wishing I'd perk up! :)
BL that is just such sad news - I think they may be able to access help from Social Services (re safety in the house), also the RNIB may offer support or services that can help.

I have diabetes and my worst fear is losing my sight, in fact it's one of the main reasons for doing this diet is to hopefully help stop this happening in the future.
Hi Casey,

Sorry you are having a rough time, and yes I think we all go through this. We seem to think that once we have got over the initial hurdle everything will be fine, but it isnt always.

You are doing the right thing coming on here for help and also keeping yourself busy.

I promise you, you will manage it, I did and my family were amazed and so am I, and it hasnt always been easy cause I know what u mean about cooking for others. Sometimes I wanna stuff it down their throats, but then thats the naughty child coming out.

The counselling will help as you go through.

So keep your pecker up you are doing well.

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