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Tuesday Weigh-in Club!

Hi My :)
Ive been reading your diary as i am more of a serial lurker on here than a poster lol...although, i will be posting my losses here on a Tuesday :). Firstly, can i say i'm so sorry for your loss and hope you manage to conceive again soon.
So far so good, have managed 100% for 4 days and on my fifth day today. Ive tried lipotrim before and i managed to lose 17lbs in 3 weeks but i suddenly felt really unwell on it, hoping the same doesn't happen with slim&save, as i am really enjoying the different shakes and meals. The only problem i have had really, is that i work a mix of days and nights, so it messes with my routine, but i have managed to stay on track thankfully :).
Roll on Tuesday ..weigh day!! I can't wait to see what i lose!
Best of luck to both of us on this journey...we can do it!! xx
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Hi Valerie,

Thanks hun,

Woop Woop to us being on day 5 and 100%

Wishing you a really good journey with fab results and NO illness. Stay focused and before you know it you will be at your goal weigh eaily done :)

Yep....Roll on weigh in....I do wanna see results and every1 elses too :)

Hi to everyone to weighing in Today.

COmpleted 1st week and was doing my happy dance this morning when I saw my results.

STARTING WEIGHT: 14st1lb - 197lbs - 89.7kgs

WEEK 1 - 12lbs :D - 13st3lbs -185lbs - 84.3kgs

Glad to be out of the 14st somewhere I have never been before and only 4lbs away from being in the 12st bracket.

How has everyone elses weigh in gone?
Seems I am the only one this Tuesday

Hope all Tuesday weighers return nxt week
Hi My.
Wow what a loss...well done you :clap: Sorry I didn't manage to log my weight yesterday, been having loads of problems , namely a poorly mother. I stayed 100% until Saturday, but ive had to stay at her house until yesterday, so was unable to continue but....I didn't fall off the wagon entirely, I have done ww since Saturday and was fully expecting not to have lost very much but...I lost 5lbs woop woop!! Only another 4 to go to get into the 11's.:D So, although I haven't lost as much as I would have liked i'm still happy and am going to continue on ww I think.
Can't wait to see what you have lost next week, and I will still log my losses on here too , it won't be as fast as yours though :rolleyes::jelous:
Hi Valarie,

Sorry on your mum being poorly,that I can imagined in your foremost priority at the moment...hope she gets well soon...with her daughter around she must be feeling good.

Well done for still remaining focused and finding something that work for you given the circumstance.

-5lbs is a FAB week one result.

Carry on with ww and still up load your losses

WEEK 2 and its -2lbs:)

2weeks = 1st lost:)
Thanks Cacee,

seems I am the only one weigh in on Tuesday...

will keep posting for any newcomers
Thanks for joining the thread ZoeB2B2014!

Well done on completing 3 weeks and shedding 1st and lots more.

Have you noticed any changes?
Submitting my results today as 2day is my bday and partly off plan.

- 3lbs for my third week a total of 1st2lbs...feeling great.

Will be weighing in back to normally next week.
I am a Tuesday weigher but I'm not at home until Thursday this week so will be weighing in on Friday... Frustrating as the scales keep me going! I have to confess to being a daily weigher :-(
Hey cheekychick81....I too weigh myself frequently,...that was due to STS last week.

This week am going to try not get on the scales till next tues

My weigh in today was -3lbs :) bring a total loss of 1st6lbs in 5weeks... just n 4lbs to make a total of 2st
Well done!! I finally weighed in today... Has been a hard 10 days without my scales!!!! I was 19.10lbs so that's 5lbs since my last weigh in and a total of 21.5lbs in just over 3 weeks... Yay!!!

Keep up the good work... Ill check back in to see how you're doing next Tuesday!
That is one super weigh in....well done.....

Keep it up :)

Till Tues...
Thanks... But no scales for me now until 27tj as I left them at home again... Arrggghhh!!
WEEK 6 - 3lbs .... I am happy with that.

In 6weeks a total of 23lbs :)

SnS statics of 1st a month are right :)

Here I come week 7

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