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Tuesday Weighers


Why am I always nervous.

Its my 8 week weigh in and i'm pushing for a total of two stone weightloss, but its my * week, i'm full of cold and have a sore throat, i've had 2 days with syns of 20 (craving for extra junk, as I felt like pap) so i'm not holding my breath :(

STS would be good :sigh:

Good luck everyone else and well done stephie


Going for it.
Well I have lost a massive half a pound this week. :rolleyes:

Actually I'm fine with that. Half a pound a week is still 26 pounds in a year and I'm enjoying the diet immensely so it's no hardship.

Do need to get a bit of a push on though to reach my Valentine's day target so guess I'd better get on the treadmill pronto.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks - will see how I get on later. Feeling really sick today so having to force food down but had a good week otherwise.

Well done to the losses, good luck to those not yet to go xx


Still rockin' it
Lost 4.5, so Crimble gain of 5lb almost a distant memory

Good luck everyone


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Goodluck all! Mines at 6.15 and im soooo nervous lol


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Well done everyone who has already weighed, and good luck for the rest of us Tuesday weighers who have it to come.

I still have 1lb from Christmas I want to lose but think I should maybe lose about 2.5lb tonight. Fingers crossed!


Well done everyone that has already been weighed :)
I weigh in at 6pm, fingers crossed I have a good loss.
Best of luck to everyone that is weighing in this evening xxx

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Starting again!!
Just 0.5lb off. Not worth it for a 100% week :(


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Ok, first post xmas weigh in. I am really not looking forward to it but i MUST face the music. I think my gain will be about 6lbs or so. I have been emotional eating for the last week and completely lost the plot today. I won't tell you all what i have consumed today. Its ugly. :break_diet:

So, in my highly emotional and slightly off colour state i shall face the scales.

Oh i hate myself sometimes.:sigh:


needs to focus!!!!
well done to everybody thats lost and good luck to the people that are still to get weighed.

For the people that have gained, just get yourself back on it and find out where you went wrong, and i'm sure you's will do fab next week. xx


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Hi, lost 4lbs tonight....so so happy. Stuck to it 100% this week.

Yay :D xx