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Tuesday WI

Good luck everyone! :cross:


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Good luck everyone.

I weigh in this evening - but I had to pop into the morning class to deliver some stuff, and just happened to stand on the scales <looks all innocent> to see whether it is true that you weigh lighter in the morning (as a target girlie, I don't pay, so they let me :D).

anyway - my unofficial sneaky weight is a stay the same (which is fine as I am maintaining!) - I wonder if it will be less this evening (personally I think I weigh less in the afternoon - how odd is that!) - but whatever the result tonight - for better or worse, that is the result that will be written down in my book.


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Oh I'm so pigged off once again!! I have been so good this week. Even when we went to Oulton Park to the car racing I took ryvita's and laughing cow extra light, and yogurts. I even queued up to buy a burger and hot dog for hubby and daughter and just bought myself a coffee. I've cycled 17 miles on my exercise bike and I've STS!!! It's not even star week :(


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I've put on 1/2lb...:cry:

I know it's only 1/2lb and not a huge amount but I don't really know where it's come from and next wk is my 4th week which is when I normally gain or sts, so I'm a bit non plussed TBH.


loves food and cooking
:( big hugs for you both Ninja and Annie. It is horiid when you don't get the result you deserve ... perhaps all your good work this week will show on the scales next week?

I forgot to mention that I met Princess Sausage this morning! Hello Princess Hope you had a good result! :princess:


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Oh girls!:grouphugg: It will come off next week! It's SO annoying when you've been really good.
I lost 2 and a half pounds this week! Must have been all the fish and I had quorn chilli too.
:bliss: I only gained 1/2lb! :bliss: I am really chuffed! :D


loves food and cooking
WooHoo! I DO weigh less in the evenings.

I lost 1lb :bliss:I am dead chuffed :bliss: I am now at target + 1/2lb, so I have a bit of leeway for my weekend in a caravan away! Yay!
just a lb for me this week but its star week and I had a huuuuuuuuge lunch today as it was one of my friends birthdays and we always go to the pub for lunch on a birthday :)

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