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Tuesday's Menus

Morning all, skanky and rainy in London today! :)

Green day again today! Once I get my tescos delivery tonight I will do a couple of red days

B: Fruit, vanilla mullerlight, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A

L: Roasted quorn fillet with cajun seasoning, mashed garlicky white beans, salad

D: Pasta with homemade pesto 6 syns & HE B, big salad

S: ww creamy vanilla rice 5.5 syns, alpen light cereal bar 1/2 HE B, banana, pear
E: 1 hour with trainer at the gym
W: 2 litres

Have a good day!
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Morning everyone

Weigh in day for me so light meals until then.....
BF - Large bowl of melon and pineapple and half a grapefruit
Lunch - WW home made vege soup with a little pasta and some scan bran (hopefully they will work................ LOL):eek:
EM - A tin of Asda's Chick pea curry and rice

In between, more fruit, activia yoghurt and plenty of water.

Have a great day everyone and speak later.

Morning everyone,

Red day for me today...

B: 1/2 grapefruit and Lemsip
L: Homemade beefburger and salad
D: Steak, roast BNS (thanks Steph), roast onions and peppers with small Jacket potato (1B)

Good luck Irene, hope it works!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day x


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Red day for me

B strawberries and blackberries with fat free fromage frais, sweetener and 3 tsp honey 3 sins. Clusters hex b and milk hex a

L chicken salad sandwich with ex light mayo 1 sin ex light flora 2 sins and ww danish hexb

Apple and orange

D slimming world quiche made with low fat cottage cheese, eggs and bacon, salad. Other slice of ww danish and 1 tsp ex light flora 1 sin

No exercise today unless I can be arsed, 3 litres of water

Total sins 7


Team FFF!!!
Mornign all :D Green day here

I'm knackerd though as i've been up since 2.15am with my daughter and see this morning that she has mega tonsilitis :( Hopefully the tiredness won't drive me to pick:eek:

Brekkie was 28g oats with skimmed milk (1 HE B + half HE A)

Lunch will be 2 slices ww bread, quorn ham, marmite and lettuce (1 HE B)

Tea will be my fave Mega hot quorn chilli and rice :D


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Mrs B
Sound a lovely days menu.
Sorry to hear about your daughter - there seems to be a lot of it around at the moment.
You did really well with your March challenge.:)

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