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Tummy and other issues...

Just wanted to check and see if anyone else has had the range of 'symptoms' I've had since starting LLL. I'm curious because early last year I did a food intolerance test and soya came up high. I had a year avoiding soya but of course there's quite a bit in the LL packs. Wondering if that could account for the following but thought I'd sound you all out...

The main thing is wind! I've had so much stomach-gurgling and (sorry but...) loads of flatulence. It's amusing to a degree, but obv can be a little embarrassing or uncomfortable. Is it normal?

Secondly, mild stomach cramps after drinking the milkshakes.

Generally, loose bowel movements.

Headache threatening every day - a weird, prickling feeling between my eyes, a bit like having a sinus headache, and feeling a little congested. Doesn't seem to develop though. I expected headaches with entering ketosis but not to continue into week two. I'm just keeping on with lots of drinks to keep headaches at bay... Still getting that prickling sensation though.

Starting the diet last week I was utterly exhausted, which I put down to entering ketosis. It was strange though as this is not the first time I've low-carbed and when I did it 8 years ago I didn't suffer any 'entry' reactions at all. Maybe I'm just older and more knackered..?

Lurking in the back of my mind is that it could be this soya intolerance at play. Which is a bit of a bu88er, as avoiding it would severely limit which packs I can choose. Otherwise I guess I would have to just live with these symptoms for as long as it takes to shift the weight!

What do you guys think...? Any words of experience or wisdom to share?

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Hmm.. The mild stomach cramps after milk-shakes doesn't sound right... But see if keeps going - it may go away. Keep an eye.

As for the other stuff... Well, I actually near lived on porridge and chocolate shakes with an occasional mushroom soup - so I only really bought about 4 'flavours' (one was the cranberry bar!). So the choices are really not such a great deal. I've heard some people actually JUST have the chocolate shakes - I admired them for their determination - even in the face of such sensory taste deprivation for months. But you gotta do, what you gotta do right?

You are only in your second week and the carbohydrate and sugar withdrawal lasts quite a while I find. At least 3 weeks for it to properly 'flush' out of the system. The headaches... Can be attributed to that of course. Plus, you actually have to remember, Lighter Life is by no means the most healthy thing in the world to do. You ARE essentially STARVING yourself. It's fine for a short period of time and it gets the results we want - but it's by no means 'normal'. Your body and brain need around 1200 calories PER DAY to function as intended. And that's if you lie around most of the time - no exercise etc. So with Lite you're already taking away about 400 calories from that basic minimum. Energy will be diverted from other things (such as growing nails, hair, keeping your hands/feet warm) in order for your brain and vital organs to keep working. So if you're like me and never enter that 'happy ketosis miracle state' where you're full of energy (I had exact opposite) - then you may be doomed for a permanent numb pain head-fog. I pushed through because I needed to - patience is key, because the diet will not last forever, but the results WILL if you keep at it.

As for the gas. ---- It may be down to the increased vegetables you're eating. Have a read about what leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli etc do to your bowels and you'll get the explanation! --- Though with me, because I was on a diet of near pure vegetables and no carbohydrates for so long, my intestinal enzymes have CHANGED and are perfect at breaking down the vegetable matter with no flatulence or bloating problems. Bread, pasta, carbohydrates and sugary food now do that instead!

Hope this helps a little. Keep an eye on your stomach, but don't freak out too much at this early stage. xx
Thanks Minerva, I'll keep an eye on things. I have to admit the last time I lost weight low-carbing was using the principles of Leslie Kenton's X-Factor diet (make your own whey protein shakes) and there was no real calorie restriction - so I definitely experienced the high energy state. Also the rapid growth and strengtheneing of nails, hair and renewal of skin cells. Partly because the oils intake was higher - Leslie encourages taking in spoonfuls of Flaxseed oil - which is something I would revert to happily once I knew the weight was coming off.

I am also running 10 k a week and visiting the gym on this regime so no wonder I've been exhausted, I hadn't thought about the lack of energy in that way.

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