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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by I will do it this time!, 26 June 2007 Social URL.

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  1. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

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    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    Am watching Ice Moose's thread about his tummy tuck and didn't want to hijack by asking the following question...

    Just wondering how many people who have lost weight using CD have been left with a lot of spare skin on the tummy?

    What sort of weight have you lost?

    I have about 6 stone to lose in total and after my last emergency caesarian my stomach went to pot and I have an over hanging belly now so think that it's unlikely to shrink when the weight has gone.

    Has anyone lost 5-6 stone and not had this problem?
    I know age is a factor, and skin supplness etc... I have always drunk a lot of water and mosisturize my stomach like mad in case it will help...
    Just wondering about others experiences?

    Also has anyone had problems with very loose under arm skin or had an arm lift?
    I have very bad bingo wings and have lots of stretch marks on under arms so know this skin won't shrink back!

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  3. Ceri

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    cambridge diet
    I'm 3o and have always had a tummy and since being overweight an apron. Even when I was just slightly overweight and gyming it I had a saggy tum. I think some of us are just unlucky. I also have saggy underarms. The way I look at it is I can stay fat with flabby skin or be thinner with saggy skin. I opt for thinner. (I'm sure I'll be able to tuck it in my jeans or something!)
    I would seriously consider a TT (might slip in a boob job while I'm at it! Breastfeeding has taken its toll), but that is all dependent on whether or not my husband and I decide to try for a second child.
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  4. Fuzzys Angel

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    I've lost 76lbs & have loose skin around my abdomin spoke with GP about a TT but as our PCT is in so much debt they will not finance a TT in our area. so unfortunately i will have to go private, really enjoying mikes thread as this will help e to understand what i'm gonna be putting my body through....xxx
  5. bunnycd

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    Yep. Got it and don't like it. I am going to try to get BMI down and work on body composition and build it back up with lean muscle. Means going down to BMI18.9 then work it up to 22 but hey, at least I won't need surgery - according to the professor at Cambridge uni. Will keep you posted on my progress.
  6. jane

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    definatley get the family completed before doing anything.
    I've got 4 caeser scars like little railway tracks, but they are still becoming less noticeable withtime.
    Also my cdc says her skin is still changing 3 yrs after losing!
    My impression is that there's no money for this regardless of pct. But would love to be put right on the subject.
    I've read your posts on this wih great interest & will be following your journey.
    It would be sO nice if it worked..even if it reduced by about 1/2 that would be a major improvement.
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