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tummy weight

i am restarting again tomorrow, i kinda slipped but i am back again, even more determined to make this work!
i am not too happy about my tummy at the moment, thats where ba lot of my weight seems to be concentrated.does the belly weight go first? or will the weight come off evenly? i would be grateful if anyone cud post and tell me of their experiences.
i look as if i am 6 months pregnant i know this is all fat, my goal for now is to lose a minimum of 3 stone by the 31st of december, i hope the belly fat will go by this time too!... or is this wistful thinking?
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A pound at a time

I have found that my weight is coming off evenly, but if lets say you are mostly fat in one area and everywhere else is fairly slim the fat will have to come off the fat area cause there is nothing to lose anywhere else. I hope that makes sense. Even if your weight comes off evenly eventually if you stick to it, your tummy will go, no doubt.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning, I've found the weight has started coming off from my face first, and then slowly downwards. It always seems to come off the last place I want it too. Would of preferred to be thighs up instead. But from being on here everyone is different. The only true thing is that eventually it will come off everywhere, but we just have to stick with it to see the results.
Keep it up your doing great.


nearly there!! :)
im on week 3 now. first week i lost 13.5 inches from a couple of diff places an then in sec week lost 7 inches in diff places so mine is coming off kinda evenly!!!
my stomach is bad to and have lost inc off it though so hpefully itll be nice at the end ha!!
good luck xx
Thanks for repling, well i suposse i shall just have to wait and see!
I also looked like I was pregnant 6 weeks ago, like I had a fat breastplate. It has shrunk a lot and has hardly come off my face at all. It has also come off my thighs and shoulders! But mainly I had a pooh bear belly, and though it has not gone by any means it has shrunk considerably, I look less like and apple and more like a pear!
Mine was definately from the top down, but it got there eventually and it will for you too!



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Hmm, I was desperate to get rid of my midriff bulge - it spoils everything I wear. I have been measuring regularly for a few weeks and found that I am losing more from the top down, like other posters. However, I am really pleased that I have lost 10cm from under bust to 7cm from bust. The midriff bulge is shrinking nicely.

Measure all areas regularly, a couple of times a week. You will start to see amazing improvements. I put my tape measure at the starting cm around my waist - well you should have seen the difference in a few weeks. It is so motivating, faithless!

Strange for me this time, I normally lose weight from my face first, but the most change has been my waist, bottom and thighs although my tummy doesn't seem to have changed much.
Can't see any difference in my face of yet this time...


Doing Slimming World
I have a big belly too (i hate it) and I measure every morning before weigh-in - the most weight has gone from my thighs so far - sadly my belly is still big but it has gone down a bit.
I have been very strict and losing well (will find out officially tomorrow), but my stomach has swelled out and is pretty hard.
My bottom and thighs which were my worst areas seem to have gone down and look more toned.
Has anyone else found that their stomach swells in the early stages?
I have been drinking loads of water and I'm constantly rushing to the toilet.
My TOTM is due on Thursday, but doesn't normally swell until a couple of days before

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