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Tummytuck Journey... Got my surgery date 7th july!!

So i went to whiston about hour and half drive to meet my surgeon who ended up being off sick which made me worried i wouldnt get to see anyone. But someone filled in for him and agreed to see me.

They accesed me and said i was a good candidate for surgery and asked me if i had any holidays booked i said no. I was then given a date of 7th july but i get admitted the day before.

Im a little gutted that due to loosing 17 stone they wont be able to do classic tummytuck but will have to do a cross like cut which will mean scar straight down middle and across the bottom. :( i know it will be great to be skinfree but i wasnt expecting to have so much scaring :(

I will keep posting as days go on and post pics along the way to help others get a jist of the journey that will be ahead

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bye bye baby tummy
Good luck

Cat Lover Sue

Slimming and Swinging!
Wow. Speechless at your weight loss! Well done and looking forward to hearing how you're getting on with the surgery. x
Good luck with your surgery. You have done a fantastic job losing so much weight. Well done.

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im actually very nervous now as my preop is tomoz they weigh me & decide if i can have surgery , but its my time of the month & im 5lbs heavier i know this goes within a week meaning ill be just right before the op date but what if they push it back because of this time of the month?

surely they will take it into account?.

fingers crossed x

will post & let you all know tomoz x
Wow that is an amazing weight loss!
I can't imagine that at your slender weight, 5lbs either side will make any difference whatsoever for your surgery.
yeah i thought that but bmi is a funny thing and at my height doesnt take lots to push me over the bmi =[ x
Good luck, your weight loss is unbelievable, well done you xxx
GO YOU! A truly incredible achievement.

I lost ten stones and have regained two but now lost almost 7lb of that regain. I need a tummy tuck but am very wary of the procedure AND the scar. Still... thinking it over lol.

All the very best x

Cat Lover Sue

Slimming and Swinging!
Thinking of you. Hope the op went ok.
:) xx
thanks peoples :) ive updated my tummytuck diary in the sucess stories section of this forum xxx
Your tummy looks amazing now! :D

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