Tummytuck Journey... Got my surgery date 7th july!!

wow!! you look fab !!!
Wow...that is awesome! A tummy tuck is def in my future as well as one pregnancy (at 19!) has left me with a lot of excess skin I've been extremely self-conscious of ever since. I too wish to reach my goal weight first. Love your pics!
This is truly inspirational stuff, i am defo having this done once im at target. I think ive been lucky because my arms look ok, but i do alot of weight traing on them, especially triceps as this is the main area where there can be a problem. Alas my stomach is not the same and i train that as hard as everything else :cry:

If my stomach looks half as good as yours i will be blown away, congrats :)
i'm waiting for an appointment to see the consultant with regards getting a tummy tuck. It isn't the weight loss leaving saggy skin the reason for the tummy tuck but the muscle loss from having 4 c-sections. The concern my doctor has is that i have quite a large lump in my stomach which is possibly fat mass caused from my weight loss as i lost almost 8 stone in approx 8 mths.