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turn off towards the shakes!!1


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Hey guys,
I seem to have had a turn off towards the shakes over the past days. Has anyone else experienced this. Its not going to put if off OBVIOUSLY but I am at a stage where I am dreading drinking it and it makes me feel a little sick. I have to make myself have my last one in a min. Dont know why this is as I have had no prob with them until now :(
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Hi - I went through that on my 2nd or 3rd week - was a real struggle to have all 3 shakes as i really did not enjoy having them - some days i only had 2 shakes but by maybe the 4th week when i found I actually liked the chocolate flavour shake i then started to look forward to having my shakes !.


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Thanks for that Claz.....there is light at the end of the tunnel. Its horrible when you have to force yourself to have the shake. I am still sitting here thinking....in a min Ill have it. I've been saying that for over an hour now :>


wants to be slim
S: 18st11lb C: 17st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 1st1lb(5.7%)
I know what you mean - my husband had to force me to have it and if i went to bed and he noticed i hadn't had all 3 shakes he'd make me get back up again just so i had it.. I think your tastebuds change after a couple of weeks cos when i 1st started i really struggled and had to hold my nose to take it all - but like i say something changed around 4 weeks and i actually don't mind the taste now.
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Hi Glizybug,

Was feeling the same as you last week, had been working late so wasnt getting home till about 10pm and the last thing I wanted to do was have a shake at that time of night (try to make them at home so can use the blender - they taste so much better). Not been so bad this week but have tried every trick to give me some variety like blending the vanilla with coffee and ice, making mint tea, letting it cool and then blending it with the chocolate shake (love to claim thats was my own idea but nicked it from other posts) and tried making them as a mousse. Think it helped but still struggled sometimes to get through the last one of the day. Your body needs it though on such a calorie restricted diet (thats what i keep telling myself anyway). Hope that helps in some way. Its good to know from Claz that it should pass soon.x

irish molly

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You will find your tastes changing as you go through tfr. Whether you like them or not, it is important to take your shakes everyday as you need the nutrients in them. Try thinking of them as medicine and just knock em back. Your taste buds will change again and you will find them o.k. Keep up the good work.
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Strangely, when I first did LT, the first month or so I couldn't stomach the shakes & really dreaded having them, but, after that, I didn't care at all & drank them really easily. Maybe try different flavours? I only ever have the chocolate. I also only ever drink mine with a straw, the texture is gross otherwise. Hehe.

But, as has been said - you're not really meant to be enjoying them, so, don't think too much about the fact that you don't like the taste!

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For me, it was all in the mixing.
In the first week, I didn't have the shaker, and even my blender didn't mix them properly.
I kept having chunks. Mixing them with a spoon was completely unhelpful, but it's all I could do at work.
I found them really gross, because the texture was horrendous.
But I bought the shaker in week 2, and that thing mixes them like nothing else.
Now the texture is fine, it's just like a milkshake to me. It's very liquid with no chunks at all, and it really brings out the flavour.

I'd say if you have chunks, try finding a way to get them out. 'Cause the taste will be so much better then

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