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Twice this month :-S

I was having lower stomach pain early today. I went to the bathroom, and I’ve realized that I’m on my period. But this is twice this month. I’ve just had it 2 weeks ago. But I’m more than 2 weeks apart from having the second one for this year in Feb. What’s wrong??? Is this a effect of CD ? How can I have my period twice....this is happening to me for the first time. And I’m on the birth control pill, for like 2 years. Has this caused it :-O
Helllpppppp....!!!! :eek::eek::confused::eek:
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hoping for a good loss
I have the Miriena coil in and don't generally have any problems, but had spotting about 3 weeks ago that lasted for about 4 days and then just finished a period too, so mine is messed up too. Is my first month on CD so am putting it down to that.

I know it is quite common to have messed up cycles when on CD, so don't think it is anything to worry about hun.

Charlie x
Hello...i cant remember what month it happend in for me, but i also had 2 periods within 31 days..which for me was very very rare as usually have a cycle of around 35 days

I also went over 6 weeks without a period.

All has calmed right down now (8 months on lol)

Think its very normal

Always go to your GP if you are concerned with anything though x
Yes, a number of us have experienced changes with TOTM. I haven't had this problem but I know for certain that others have reported this in the past.
Hopefully someone will come along with first hand knowledge of this to give you the benefit of their wisdom.
Will this affect me from losing weight?
Strange that I came on a week early this month but to be fair I only had my first real period last month since giving birth in August so I just put it down to the baby etc as I came on a week early this month. Never actually thought it could be down to CD!!! :/


hoping for a good loss
Will this affect me from losing weight?
well it hasn't me (although my weight loses are a lot lower than some people)


Size 14 here i come!
Yes i am on my second totm for over a week now AND i'm due on tomorrow, GREAT!

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Heya!! I had my TOTM twice in 2 weeks, I'm on my 4th week now and I had spotting today. My pharmacist said it can be a side effect of a VLCD because your body is losing oestrogen with the fat. Apparently women store more of the hormone in their fat and when the fat melts away ta da extra periods!

Hope that helps! :p
Yesss, I thought that something was wrong with me or something.....but now I know that I'm not the only one experiencing it. I'm Soooo releaved...
What is TOTM???
I'm like menstruating alllooooottt..!! :eek::eek:
totm is time of the month ;)
It's been 6 days, I'm still menstruating. Is this normal? When I'm on my normal cycle, first I've started it only lasted 4-5 days. Should my TOTM last this long for days without stopping :confused::confused:

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