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Twinkle's diary...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
So I figured this might help me if I re-read how I'm feeling through the good and bad moments!

I started on sole source yesterday for my re-start, I feel quite good that I've only put on 10lbs since I came off cambridge before and not a couple of stone which I am sure I could have easily done but I have managed to restrain myself a little bit, ie only eating a few chocs at a time and not having seconds at dinner, although my portions were probably too large to start with anyway!

I'm hoping for a good loss this week as I think I'm retaining a lot of water which would explain my inch gain. I really want to get rid of the inches and I have a pair of red leather trousers which I would like to get into so that is my aim! I have had them about 8-9 years and always wanted to get into them lol!

Yesterday went without any hitches, I didn't have my first shake till 3pm due to reasons I don't want to go into, but I managed all 3 shakes, 2 litres of water and about a litre of coffee lol!

I'm just having shakes for the first 3 days to get me into ketosis then I'm going straight onto soups & porridge and I have 2 bars for next week to take to work - if I can get there with this bloomin snow!

My main motivation to get to my goal is PARIS, where my hubby and I are heading in a few weeks for a romantic break without the kids :D I have always wanted to go and I cant wait!

My other goal is my brother's wedding in July and I want to be in a slinky small dress looking good for it!

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I love these diary's they are such a good help! And wow only gaining 10lb thats fab....hope the leather trousers fit, they sound awesome and a lovely incentive :) xx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Day 3 and I am at work, which is crap as its FREEZING, I have 2 heaters on but it is still only 12 degrees here! I'm gonna have a hot choc mint shake in a bit to warm me up, my water consumption is low because of the cold I've only managed 500 ml so far :( the water is off at work so I got some water for the kettle and have been drinking coffee but its pretty dire! I need the money tho so am gonna stick it out! Plumber just been anyway and sorted water so we have the loo at least lol!!!

I was naughty and weighed myself this morning, 11 stone 5lbs :) and my stomach has gone down loads which is great so 5lbs loss in 2 days is defo water/glycogen but it makes me happy anyway!

Hoping for another 5lbs loss this week so I get my weight to 11 stone and bmi to 25 and then I can go up the plans for the last 14lbs to lose. Gonna follow it to the letter this time too as I really want to lose that last stone and keep the weight off!


Oh well done! Sorry about your working conditions :( Its no fun being so cold and not being able to eat to warm up a bit. But just think of all those calories you will burn by shivering with cold!! ok not a good incentive but funny to think of.....hope your day flies by xxx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Thanks for that comment yesterday Alison! Never thought of it that way lol! Woo hoo more calories burned (in theory lol!!!)

Today is day 4, I think I am in ketosis, hubby says I am cos my breath stinks!!! I don't test so am not totally sure but I haven't had that energy rush this morning, in fact I am totally knackered! I cant seem to sleep at the moment at all, the last few nights its been terrible, I sleep for about 3-4 hours then lay tossing and turning for the rest of the night :( Any tips anyone?

Anyway, apart from being tired, I'm cold at work again and feeling like I want to eat something which is NOT good, its psychological tho, not hunger, so I need to address it as such and do diversion tactics ie WORK!!!



Why Be Normal?
Codine cough syrup knocks me out. LOL

I LOVE Paris -- I spent a semester there when I was at Uni and have visited many times. Do a dinner boat ride on the Seine at night. Fabulously romantic. And, dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower is fab, too. The best day time view of Paris is from the top of the Basilica de Sacre Couer. It is the white church on the top of Montmatre (tall hill on Paris' edge). I could go on and on... Musee D'Orsay... etc.



Eat to live don't live to eat!
Oooh thanks Mel, the boat ride down the Seine sounds great! Might have to do that one :) We are defo going up the Eiffel Tower, cant wait!!!

So - I've got thru today, somehow. Its been so cold I've had 2 pairs of trousers, 2 tops, a cardigan, my scarf and my hat on all day and I have still struggled to get warm :( I feel really hungry now, so to the smells of my hubbys bacon cooking (he's having pasta carbonara) I'm eating my leek & potato soup (my favourite cd soup) but its not stopping me feel hungry! I don't think I've drunk enough water today, gonna have a glass now, hopefully it'll take the edge off :(

This is so annoying it should be getting easier now but instead its getting harder, I'm really considering ss+ just to have that little meal in the evening to give me a bit of fuel...

Roll on Friday, weigh in day!



Eat to live don't live to eat!
This morning I feel a bit sick and bloated too, I cant help but blame the bar I ate last night as that's the only thing I've done differently :( Then again it could be water, I don't think I managed to drink enough water yesterday, I did have a glass after the bar but I don't think it was enough :( hopefully I'm just holding water today and need to drink lots to get rid of it.

I was thinking of doing ss+ to give me that bit of extra oomph in an evening, but we are skint at the mo - so could I justify the extra cost of the food as well as doing cd, not sure! We do eat on a budget, usually spend £130-£150 every 3 weeks for 5 of us, we have a huge chest freezer so freeze bread/meat etc and just defrost it and use as we need to.

My husband is fed up at the moment, he hates cooking for 1 and since he doesn't get home till 6-6.30pm I have to give the kids their dinner first so we usually eat together when he gets home or cook together when he gets home and eat after the kids go to bed, so its a bit of a mish-mash at the moment with me on the diet! I think he'll like it better when I'm on 810 or 1000 as we can eat together and he can just have a bigger portion than me!

Scary thing is, he's facing an almost certain redundancy in 10 weeks, found out yesterday and we are gonna be so skint then so I need to be at goal and maintaining as I know we won't be able to afford it. I know cd only costs £35ish per week but it is more than we spend on food for the month so I feel bad now being on the diet when every penny should be saved at the moment if you see what I mean...

So my options are:
1, stay ss until my stash runs out then calorie count/eat less till I lose the weight.

2, move up to 1000 plan so I only need 2 cd per day and my current stash will last till 1 Feb, then eat less to lose the rest...

3, erm...

I really don't think there is an option that means I can carry on doing cd, we just won't be able to afford it :( I guess if I get my bmi down to 25, at least I will be where I was before and anything else is a bonus! I do know how to maintain, I just ignored it over xmas!

So thats my sad sorry state of affairs for today, I'm off to work again as the snows melted!

Twinkle -- What about you becoming a CD counsellor? Is that an option?

I think the meal and CD option, then calorie counting/low carb is a good plan in the meantime.

I am really sorry about your hubby's work situation. I know so many people in the same boat.

Do not wait to go to the Citizens Advice bureau as soon as it happens -- if it does. My friends got a lot of help with applying for all kinds of programs (like school lunches, income support, mortgage help, etc.).

Keep me posted -- my best to you.

Also, I make my husband's dinner with the daughter's and just leave his in the oven or under a cover. Then, I'm fiddling in the kitchen chatting to her as she eats, then when he comes in (if I am not having a hungry day) I sit and have my soup with him. If I've laready had my soup -- or cannot handle being around his food -- then he watches the news on the little kitchen TV and is probably happier with that than my company, anyway.

Twinkle, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's work situation, fingers crossed it doesn't come to that xx

My day 4 (yesterday) was the worst even though I had hit ketosis. Like you I was freezing, sleep eluded me and this stomach bug going round. I did SS+ last night, but feel better today and know I wont need it. I dont think the odd SS+ on days you feel really bad are wrong, if it helps you stick to it then thats got to be a good thing. I know what you mean about the money side, when i did lipotrim last year and was with my now ex partner, I would have to cook for the kids, something different for him and then my shakes. It cost a fortune that way. But this time as its just me and the kids i'm finding i'm saving money because they are so easy to please food wise and will eat basic veg with pasta for example and not bother about all the expensive sauces that I used to load on. Also it helps for me that they have school dinners too.

Could your husband have his main meal for his lunch rather than having to cook at night time? Then evening could be a sandwich?

I guess the only thing to do at the moment is not to look too far ahead, or else you will find it easier to wrap it in and give up. Maybe take one week at a time, and if it comes to the point you cant afford it at least then you have kept going as long as you have. Or maybe each week buy a few extra packs so you eventually will have a stash that will last you a bit longer xxx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
So I'm now on day 7, I had a good chat with my hubby last night and we both agreed that we cant afford me to carry on with cd so I am going to have 2 packs a day and an evening meal until they run out and then see what happens with eating smaller portions.

I had a little bit of fish and a small portion of veg for dinner (and 4 crabsticks) and I managed 2ltrs of water, lots of black coffee and a glass of diet iron bru! The scales haven't budged this morning but tomorrow is my weigh in day anyway but I'm not too bothered, I have definitely lost inches so am going to try and concentrate more on that than on the scales!

Thanks for all your support, I will probably still be here but not as much.


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