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ProPoints twinmum's weightloss(hopefully) diary


I started a diary on here ages ago but my phone wouldn't let me log back on and my motivation was a little AWOL but I am back and determined.
I have had a very funny fortnight - last week I lost 5.5lbs after working really hard. However, i have a tendancy to have a huge gain after any huge loss so i was very wary. This week I had a few obstacles in the form of a very boozy day out at the races and 3 days camping in the Lake District. I managed fairly well and still managed to go for a run one morning whilst camping and have done lots of walking. Anyway, last night at weigh in I had put on 1lb so very frustrating. I had used all my weekly points and 1 of the 51 exercise points I earned so although I was expecting a gain it felt quite unfair as I had tried, been pretty good and had 50 exercise points left over so on paper it should really have been a loss.
Last night we had a Dominoes for tea so hopefully that has put an end to my sulk. It has also used up quite a few of my weeklies so will make me conscious of going over for the rest of the week.
I have another tricky fortnight ahead as we are away for a couple of nights so I will miss my normal weigh in on Tuesday night. My lovely leader has said I can pop round to her to get weighed just before we go or when we get back so I don't have to try to go a full fortnight (I ALWAYS put on if I miss a weigh in) but she does a class on Sunday night so that might be best (and if I don't lose on Sunday I can always nip in to hers on wednesday and try again!).

Right - rant over! Off to try to get the little man to nap and then hopefully back to say a little more about me.
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Back again!

I am 31 and i have 3 fabulous children - 3 year old boy/girl twins and a 17 month old little man.
I have been doing weightwatchers since the start of November 2010 but since February have lost my focus and have just been putting the same weight on and off. I am a secondary school teacher so I find the 6 week holidays very hard in terms of diet as we have no major plans and tend to just do whatever we feel like on the day according to the weather so it tends to involve too much eating out! i am currently 2.5lbs heavier than I was in the last week of term so my aim is to get that 2.5lbs off in the next 2 weeks and go back school the same weight as I was at the end of last term, which will be a huge first for me.
I feel like I am at a hard place with my weight loss as i had a great metabolism when i was younger and never stepped on a scale so I have no idea what I actually weighed when I felt I looked good. 5 years at university took their toll but I knew I was heavier than i wanted to be but I still didn't weigh myself. We went on holiday to Jamaica for Xmas and New Year 2003/4 and we started a diet in November 2003 so I now weigh less than I did then, when i was 24 and wearing a bikini but I know I don't look anywhere near as good, which is hardly surprising when i have had 3 children. The lowest weight I have recorded is 11stone11, just before we went to jamaica so I am only 6lbs away from getting down to my lowest recorded weight. However, I feel a little unsure as to how likely my WW goal of 10stone 10 is as it is over a stone lighter than my lowest recorded weight and i just don't know what it looks like so i can't picture it at all.
i hate sounding so moany as I know i have done brilliantly and have lost 33lbs and 'only' have 21lbs to go so way over halfway there.

Anyway, I need to get off my bottom and get my bum moving with a bit of housework. I need to stay within my 29 dailies as I have a boozy night on saturday with a friend so need to save up for that!
I have had a WW cereal bar for breakfast and am thinking crackers and dairylea for lunch then no idea for tea.
Have been out for my C25K run tonight and feeling good in general but still very wobbly bellied.
I have had 20 points today so might go for a cupboard rummage and see if I can get myself closer to my 29 points.
i have been sneaky peaking on the scales and my weight seems to be heading in the right direction, which is a huge relief after Tuesday's random gain.
I only managed 20 points yesterday as went I went to cupboard realised it was 10pm and i didn't want to eat that late just for the sake of it. Just hope undereating doesn't count against me on the scales.
I am really nervous about going to see my friend on Saturday as I don't want to eat and drink too much, especially as I am having to weigh in on Sunday instead of Saturday. I think I am going to attempt the parkrun on Saturday and if i am still able to walk try to run again on Sunday.
I am doing the 100% for 100 days and finding that great as it makes me want to be good every day and all week rather than just pulling it back around for weigh in day.
thank you - I found a before picture on my phone that i didn't know I had so I think i need to work out how to print it so I can appreciate just how far I have come. I think I was in denial about how I actually looked so I don't feel any different but the pic is quite an eye opener
Not had the best of days today - have been feeling more and more like death as the day has gone on. I managed a C25K run at lunchtime but think i'll need a rest day or bit of swimming tomorrow as I felt shattered at the start. I really fancy trying to do the parkrun on Saturday.
I have had 24 points today but 13 of them for tea on macaroni cheese so not the wisest spend. I have dosed myself up on cold&flu tablets and vitamins so hoping I feel better tomorrow
Not feeling great again today and the kids are all starting to be a bit 'off' too so a hard night with lots of get-ups and cuddles - tiring but lovely (I am a cuddle addict)
My lovely husband has taken the kids out for the day so I can sulk under the duvet and try to speed up my recovery. Hoping to do as little as possible, stay in bed and watch TV before having a giant steamy bath to sort myself out. I really want to be better to see my friend tomorrow.
I am starting to have the opposite worry to the start of my weightwatchers week as i am a bit off food and don't want to lose too much weight this week as, for me, a huge loss always seems to be follwed by a gain (although it would be nice to break the cycle)
I have been pimping my signature with my (lack of) progress - can anyone tell me where I get the pretty sparkly silver 7's from?
Testing out posting from my phone

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Thank you Jo - I feel much more motivated now my signature sparkles!
off to attempt parkrun. My personal best is a rather feeble 40min16 so hoping to beat that despite the rain. Then off for my day and evening out in York, where I need to try to be an angel with the points - wish me luck!
Thank you. I was a bit of an angel and a bit naughty! For lunch I got piri piri chicken, chips and salad but left the chips so only 5 points. We went to pizza express and I resisted my all time favourite Quattro formaggi pizza and had a fantastic salad with dough sticks so a bit of a treat but angelic for me at 13 points. However, the 25 points of wine was just a bit naughty! I used 17 of my weeklies and didn't need to use any of the 11 exercise points I earned yesterday.
I feel really chubby today though so am really nervous about weighing in tonight, especially as I don't normally weigh in until Tuesday eve. I really don't want a gain but from sneaky peaking on the scales before the weekend I had lost a few pounds but know I will have regained due to having a heavy day yesterday. 2.5 hours til weigh in

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Yay - lost 3lbs this 'week'(5 days) so very pleased I can focus on that now rather than last week's random gain.
We are going on a random break to Preston for 2 nights tomorrow so a little nervous about sticking to it whilst away and trying to squeeze in some exercise too but at least we are back on Wednesday, which gives me 6 days before my next weigh in to be wonderful.
We have our weightwatchers oscars ceremony on Friday so looking forward to buying a pretty dress and blowing my weekly allowance on wine
Thank you
I am quite excited that I am 12stone exactly so hopefully next Tuesday I can break into the 11s
WoW you are doing so well .keep it going girl .
Thanks ladies. We are just setting off now and I have packed ww cereal bars, crisps and cookies to help with the keeping on track. We have our electric coolbox so we can nip to the supermarket for dairylea light and not have to totally rely on eating out

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Right back from our trip away and feeling very wobbly. I had my running stuff with me but the hotel wasn't in a suitable area for running so I haven't been for a run since Saturday. I have eaten more than I should so I will have to get myself back on track today and make sure my oscars thing tomorrow doesn't knock me even further off track as I would love to lose so I can get into the 11s on Tuesday.
Whilst we have been away i have bought some clothes in size 12 - seriously exciting. I have been a real loser and kept the hangers just because seeing the 12 on them gives me a real buzz!
My weightwatchers do on Friday was fab and so nice to be able to relax with a fully pointed 3 course meal but sadly the wine put me waaaaay over my points. I have earned enough exercise points to make up for going over my weeklies but using all my weeklies never seems to work for me and I never lose if i use my exercise points so really dreading Tuesday's weigh in. At least I will have had nearly 4 full days to be an angel and try to pull it round again by then.
I am back to school again tomorrow, which usually helps as I would be quite active but Monday is INSET so lots of sitting down and listening but if I can avoid the biscuits it shouldn't matter as i can be on my feet and busy again on Tuesday so get racking up the pedometer!
Woke up with a cracking migraine this morning so had to co-codamol, anti-sickness tablets and back to bed so feeling rough now and annoyed that I had meant to go for a run this morning and desperately need to get back to the running before my body loses momentum.
Had a fantastic tea from the one pot cookbook - stuffed to the gills and only 9 points - bargain!
Going to put the kids to bed a little early so i can go for a run before it gets too dark and then my husband can go when I get back.
Am going to go into school armed with apples tomorrow so I can avoid the INSET day food binge
Haven't been able to log in to the forums this week but thought I'd quickly check in now it is working again.
My weigh in on Tuesday went OK given the week I had as I lost 0.5lb - had been expecting a gain so really pleased and now back in the 11s for the first time since 2003 - woohoo!
My next goal is 11st11, which is the lowest weight I have for myself (I never used to weigh myself so have no idea what I weighed when i was trim!) 11st13.5 now so it could be doable. I did the dreaded body pump last night and have been for a run this morning so just need to keep going with the exercise, stay on track and avoid the bourbons (which I failed to do yesterday)
Off to hit the shower (not literally)

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