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two and a half weeks of ss and my engagement ring doesnt fit!


Im just me!
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i no that feeling! i have asked for another! he said no as not spending another£2000!!
I'm waiting until I can fit into my engagement ring again! I've got my eternity ring on now, but probably need to lose another few stone until my wedding and engagement rings fit.

It's little things like this though that show you how well you are doing!:)


I will get to goal .....
Gret news you guys - I had never thought that fingers would shrink too!!

Although I am a tad jealous, I'm trying for a ring, but so far no joy :rolleyes:. Perhaps OH is aware of the fact that fingers shrink and is waiting until I'm skinny to pop the question and produce a rock :rotflmao:
Congrats :D My engagement ring is loose, but not at the falling off stage yet (my sister's gone the other way- she has pre-eclampsia and I had to make her up a ribbon necklace the other day to keep her rings on until she can fit into them again). I have noticed that when i stretch my fingers out I no longer have dimples in my knuckles! Yay!
Sounds as though you should wait a while until your weight settles where you want it to be, because it isn't to good to keep resizing the ring. In the meantime, why dont you wear it round your neck on a nice chain and not worry that it might fall off when you are washing your hands etc. OH should understand, after all he had to find the money to buy it in the first place. Nice problem to have though!!
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lol i might have to do that soon, soo paranoid! i dont really see a difference in my body yet but i guess it shows things are changing! my bf says he can see a change but i look as fat as ever to me!


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after reading this thread I went up and tried on my wedding and engagement rings that I haven't worn for years! They fitted! Have got used to not wearing anything now, so they might have to stay there for a bit longer. Don't want my fingers swelling at the end of the day and have to have them cut off!
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You can little kind of spacers that fit in the ring they just clip onto the inside to take up the slack. That way you won't have to get it altered until you are where you want to be.
I have the same problem, my boyfriend proposed on Christmas Day, with a stunning Platinum Solitaire, which was a litle tight. I started LT in Feb and now the ring swishes around my finger.
I will wait til i get to my ideal weight before I get it altered.
What I loved most, was that I met him when I was slim,(he's a personal trainer) and he proposed to me at my fattest and still told me I was beautiful.(liar) haha


I will get to goal .....
Aww cappuchino .... that's a lovely story!! We're all so quick to poo poo men as insensitive self-centred creatures, but they're not all bad and your story proves it!! What a sweetie you have there!

Any of you guys set dates for the big day?
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thanks sharon that was really useful, have ordered one today! must agree not all blokes are bad, ive put on 6stone over the last yr and he still tells me im beautiful (hmm!!), rubs my back everynight and even rubs cream into my stretchmarks lol!
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Sharon you can buy them in H samual Ithey refused to take my ring in for me a few yrs back:( but offered me a clipy thing. ( I ended getting them taken in by another place)

And funny enough they need to be taken in a few sizes again lol