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two days in


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Alot of you who come here know i am here every day but for the past few month really since ee came in i have really been struggleing and although i have tried to stick i have creeped on a few pounds then lost then creeped so i decided to start again i am now two days in and feeling really positive , i have a festival to go to next month and i would like to be back on track maybe a few pounds lighter by then, i feel very dissappointed with myself considering i got my club ten and stuff but i just think forget all that and make this my starting weight, but then isn't that just dismissing everything i have done so far?????:confused: Also i go to the gym three times a week and i think this is hindering my weight loss instead of it going it's just turning to muscle and i don't want it too i want it to go, any suggestions
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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Thanks hon, i haven put too much on just feel like i have a long way to go XXX


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Any slow down in weightloss thru going to the gym will only be temporary, if you're new to it you retain water in your muscles at first,
BUT the difference it will make to your shape, metabolism ( you'll be burning fat when you sit still!) and your mood is too valuable to lose. You don't put lots of muscle on if you're a lady! You haven't got enough testosterone! You tone up and 1lb of muscle takes up less room than 1lb of fat, you just replace it and get a new body!
Good girl for going back to the plan!


I can do this............
Well done missy for getting yourself motivated for a new start! I think every now and then we all just need a kick up the bum to get us going again!

I know what you mean about the gym i felt a little bit like that! I know all the stuff about muscle weighing less than fat but i think because you body does retain a bit of water we automatically say its not working!! I have actually run out of membership at my gym which i am unable to renew because of the price, So i will go with the less exercise route!! Will let you know how i get on!

Good luck x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
to be honest i think i have a high level of testosyerone anyway, i am quite athletic and i get muscley very very easily my arms have got massive so i have had to stop doing weight even my boyfriend didn't look impressed and my masseuce says my calf muscles (cant remember name) are huge because i snowboard too, all this exercisae you would think i'd be like a rake wouldn you lol

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