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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi Guys, sorry this might be a TMI topic, but I need to know if you had this too!!

I am at the end of day 2 now, and all afternoon have had terrible squits!! I remember having this the last time I did it as well.

Just wondering if you lot have had it and if so how long it lasted.

I googled it and it appears it is normal in induction.
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Mine last for over a week x
i had the squits from day 3 of atkins and no change for over a month now. but was back to normal the week i was on holiday. think its going to be long term for me as long as i stay on induction :cry:

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
That's odd, it normally has the exact opposite effect on me! :D

Maybe try trimming the fat off your meat, use less oil in cooking & see if that helps? Could be so much fat passing through your system that you're not absorbing/burning it and just... well, "getting rid of it"?
sorry not had the same problems, :(


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I'm the same some days


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hmm dont think its the fat to be honest, as I havent been cooking in loads of oil or anything and not really been eating all that much fat to be honest. When I googled it it said it is a symptom of when you are just about to go into ketosis.x
i tried having leaner cuts of meat for a week and cut out mayonaise but didnt make a difference for me. only time it stopped was when i eat naughty carbs on holiday. it is horrid but the weight is still coming off and im hoping that when i get to a stage of being able to up my carbs my squits will go away.
I don't remember now, maybe it the lack of carbs and the increase in green veggies.


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Ooo I've noticed this with me this week actually.

All these signs of being in ketosis is getting me all excited! :D
Yep I had a runny belly too today - thought I was going to break wind (sorry TMI) - but it wasn't wind! Just made it to the loo with my dignity intact. Probably lack of carbs, ketosis and excess water... Gross tho!


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I had it a few days ago. Back to normal now, i'll be constipated soon, you watch. Its just how my body seems to cope with atkins