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Ugh.... people!!!


Alomst there :)
Sorry I just need to get this off my chest, it's been playing on my mind for a few days now :(

Why do some people feel like they should tell you what to do?

I'm talking about my weight loss. Last week I had someone tell me I shouldn't lose any more weight. Ok, that in it's self isn't too bad.... But he played the 'as a bloke' card'.... why the hell would I care if a fat, middle aged man finds me attractive or not?

I had another bloke mention something about me losing my t*ts since I've lost all the weight.... I'm pleased about that I hated them big! (I also think he sabotages me to get me to try and drink - he seems a bit strange about the fact I don't drink like I used to.)

I was small when I met my (now) DH and he prefers small boobed, slim women. Probably one of the reasons he went for me in the first place! He has loved me no matter what, and gaining weight was never an issue. Looks aren't everything, but they do mean something!! I'm not doing it for my DH , I'm doing it for me - but my DH is happy that he's getting me back the way I was before, with the added confidence that I used to have to boot.

Am I really doing something that wrong by being at a size I'm happy with, and one that my DH likes too??

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it off my chest. I didn't think it was bothering me, but it is.

(oh and for the record, I'm a size 8-10... it's not like I'm a size 0!)
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i agree with avisk!! ignore them! the only person whose opinion matters the most is your own!! if your happy with the way you look will ooze confidence!!! that personally is very much an attractive in itself!! well done for all the weight you have lost tho!
Well done on the weight loss, i too have big boobs and cnt wait to get rid of them. But yes people can be so rude! i was in asda last night looking at vest tops, i picked up a 16 and had a stretch of it ( i always do this lol) and popped it in my trolley. An older lady was in the same section, she tapped me on the shoulder and said i thing u have got the wrong size. I said pardon and she stood there and said well ive just picked one of them up and i think they are small sizes, ive got a 16 and i certainly aint the same size as u ! i must of stood there catching flies for about 10 mins in complete shock.
What is it that people think gives them the right to make comments like that? You could have been buying that top for someone else. In any case, if you had wanted someone else's opinion you would probably have asked for it.

I was on the train a while ago doing a newspaper crossword. I was just checking the spelling of something on my little crossword solver gadget when a man leant across and said "that's cheating". I thought he was joking, but no, he was quite serious and very cross.

Just for once I had a reply - and I pointed out that as I had paid for the newspaper, the crossword solver, the pen, and the seat I was sitting in, I really couldn't see what concern it was of his!

My friend was in the supermarket checkout queue the other day with a trolley full of wine (she was stocking up on special offers). The man behind her said "having a party, or are you just an alcoholic?". Honestly, what a thing to say! She said "having a huge party, but rude people are not invited."

But mostly we can't think of clever things to say in response (at least, not until it is too late), and anyway, why should we bother? We just have laugh and take no notice. Rise above it!

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